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Art is Love • by Colette George

Art has been a powerful ally, not only in my vocation but in my life — a reliable vehicle to hope, forgiveness, and community. I often begin working through a situation within my imagination much like an archaeologist might explore a dig. Because of this inward searching — along with trust, a reclaimed faith, and the belief that the best outcome for all is possible and imminent — a tiny notion, almost imperceptibly and so tenderly, will spring up, catching me so unaware, yet again, of its sheer newness and originality. If I’m not careful this fragile wisp will dissipate immediately. Once this thought, co-created with the creative force of life, is captured it becomes mine to express, whether in colors, texture, words, or musical notes.

Hidden Miracles
I’ve learned that a well-developed imagination can mend a broken heart and that miracles often await behind an ugly exterior. Miracles can cloak themselves in any number of unlikely garments such as despair, depression, anger, frustration, poverty, illness, or terror. A miracle in this garb unpredictably tries to woo us, to beckon us — through need — to investigate with the tools of imagination. And then, sometimes very quickly, sometimes slower (but even that I maintain is negotiable as long as the imagination is involved) a miracle comes that’s so bright, so honest, so original, so multifaceted, so loving, and so perfectly fits every person involved.

As a child I was victim to some years of spiritual abuse as well as other abuses. Because of this my imagination used to mirror my fears and terrify me. Creativity and imagination had no place in the church I was attending (my last bastion of hope) and this sent me down a path of sadness and despair. In spite of that, the growth and development of my imagination has been shaping since I was very young. My fourth grade teacher Ms. Bordeaux, in one simple act, regularly kept me after school to cut grass — for the bulletin board. For years I was certain she loved the special way only I could cut the green paper. She was reaching out to me, validating my heart and creativity. And there were others. Here is a song I wrote to illustrate these feelings:

Looking back on life as a child I see now your hand
you always loved me
Even way back then loneliness came to steal you away from me
but you always loved me

In words that were spoken
strange gifts and tokens came to me.
Voices of strangers, bold re-arrangers
came to me.

A lady across the way with only kind things to say
and words to live by
and teachers who knew found goodness within you
tried to answer why

In words that were spoken,
strange gifts and tokens came to me.
Voices of strangers, bold re-arrangers
Came to me

Now little girl look to heaven and ask the question:
are you near me?
Wouldn’t it be something? Oh wouldn’t it be something!
if you were here with me

In words that were spoken
strange gifts and tokens came to me.
Voices of strangers, bold re-arrangers
came to me.

As a child.

(Lyrics from “As a Child” by Colette George, c. 1996)

Cathedral of Dreams
The Cathedral of Dreams blog was created as a place of safety and celebration for myself and other like-minded individuals. It is a very real meeting place where hopes and dreams and desires and faith are rescued through love aligned with the power of the imagination. I now consider it my life’s work to redefine the role of creativity in a traditional faith and to help others transcend the stains of spiritual abuse. When activating love’s imagination toward art or solving life’s problems the creative power of the universe makes itself known: alive, well, and loving.

For me, art has become a private guardian of my dreams, a protecting hedge, and a God-given liberation. Through art I found home, or it found me. Grace beyond measure, love beyond comprehension. And so if you ask me if Art Saves, I’ll say emphatically yes. Why? Because art is love. And love saves.

I sought my soul
my soul I could not see
I sought my God
but God eluded me
I sought my brother
and found all three.

(William Blake, c. 1700)

Learn more about Colette George at her blog,


Love this Colette, I'm so happy to read more of your story.

You truely amaze me as always! I love your spirit and your Art-Talent, that is why I call you Art-Colette..

Beautifully written Colette, stirred me to tears...I can so relate to how important art is in our lives. Bless you!

Wonderful Colette ! You are so very kind hearted and talented. Thank you for sharing your inspirational and touching story.

awesome Colette, I seeing all the wonderful things you create, you have such and warm and loving heart and it can be seen in everything you create. love you. Julie

I had a date with Colette last night in my studio, she began working on her project. I had to run to the emergency room with my son, for stiches in his forehead. Well 2 hours later when I arrived back at my studio Colette was gone,but she left behind the most beautiful piece of art-work!!! Which totally lifted my spirits. It is amazing to me what she does with a few little scraps pieces.

It's easy for people to feel the warmth of Colette - even just through the written word and having never met. Beautiful!

Have always admired your decorative ability, now I find you are a writer and lyricist. You are amazing my friend. Thank you for sharing.

Suich am incredible girl you are Colette! No wonder we bonded when we first met... we have similarities in how we used art as children to escape to...

big hugs.... let's chat soon!

xox ~Jes

what a beautiful post colette! mmm...going to let this one sit and marinate for a much good here. :) jan

Each of you have made me feel so loved and cared for. Thank you very much.


You are a beautiful human being and I am thankful to know you in this life time.
Art as private guardian...bright in golden armor and always there to save.
May you know only love and abundance from now on.
love you.

That's my mom. :)

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