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Art: She Has Saved Me • by Connie Hozvicka

I have an 8-foot painting of a Goddess that hangs on the wall at the foot of my bed. I purposely placed her there as a daily reminder of why I am here. What my life is about. How important trust, commitment, and good old-fashioned truth is. Her presence reminds me not to stray or get distracted by fear. She’s good at demanding that I rely upon the strength that has been building up inside me for years.

When I Wasn’t Ready to Save Myself
She is a painting. She is Art. She is what saved me, when I thought I wasn’t ready to save myself.

She saved me from living a life too small. From thinking small. From believing that my dreams could only come true as long as I kept them small.

She awakened my spirit, blew breath into my lungs, and set fire to my creativity again. She is the voice inside of me that is also inside of you. The words that dictate the imagination. The clues to the masterpiece in bloom. She is creativity, hardship, talent, and the beautiful full moon.

Nothing Less Than I Really Am
If I hadn’t taken the time to listen, if I hadn’t taken the time to cry, if I hadn’t believed there was a reason behind my longing to go somewhere to paint and hide — Art would have never saved me. I would have never painted her face. I would have never learned that I was only living my life to survive.

She has taken over control now, and dictates all the shots from here. She is Art I said, and she has saved me from being anything less then who I really am ... big, glorious, and strong.

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Beautiful words, thanks for sharing your story.

blessings and cheers to your lovely heart and strong wise spirit.

I love that painting and I love your story. You always, ALWAYS inspire me. I feel like there is this lifeline of art and artists saving each other one painting, one story at a time.

What a great topic ... thanks for introducing me to this site.

I love that painting breathed fire into you and developed your passion! I am happy you didn't do small and allowed your
creativity to smolder and grow into a big, glorious and strong flame~

love, love, LOVE connie! that chica is AMAZING to say the least! she always leaves me inspired to be more creative!. hugs!!

i've always felt that what's the use in dreaming if you don't dream big!? i'm glad to see you discovered that too. i have a a big 4' x 6' painting of a very happy sun on the big wall over my kitchen and it's my reminder to live happily, much like your goddess. thanks for sharing her!

gorgeous and so inspiring. you continue to amaze me.
love it :) hugs!

Love you. Love your goddess. Love your willingness to surrender to the goddesses wisdom and guidance.

And ADORE your unending fountain of creatively COURAGEOUS and huge hearted LOVE!!

Beautiful and inspiring...may you and your Goddess continue to commune. Lots of love...

You rock Connie!

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