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No Matter Where I Am • by Deborah Boschert

I am lucky to have lived in lots of places. When my husband was in the Navy, we moved pretty regularly. Our county is so diverse and interesting. I’m thankful for all the people I’ve met and adventures I’ve experienced from Maine to California and lots of places in between. The actual tasks of house hunting, packing, and uprooting are challenging, but ART SAVES me every time.

Stitching in Texas
When we arrived in Texas, we stayed in a small furnished apartment before we moved into our house. I packed a tiny box of fused fabrics, bits of batting, and embroidery floss for this transition time. I didn’t have my full stash of materials, my sewing machine, my favorite paints, or embellishments. I didn’t even have a work surface other than the top of the bed. I took time to create small compositions that incorporated lots of hand embroidery. During this stressful time, the methodical rhythm of stitching through layers of cloth was a perfect creative escape. Working with a small selection of materials forced me to make simple decisions, which are sometimes the most successful. Creating everything without a sewing machine fostered a new love of handwork. I still use improvisational hand embroidery in almost all of my work.

Saved by Art & Artists
There is no denying that it is difficult to be in a new place where I don’t remember exactly how to get to the grocery store, let alone in which aisle I might find my favorite cereal. But, I can make art anywhere. Remembering that, making it a priority, and exploring my creative spirit makes me feel fully myself, no matter where I am.

Not only does ART SAVE me in these times of transition, ARTISTS SAVE me too. After years of blogging, participating in swaps, and collaborating with artists all over the world, I am so thankful for the friends I have made! I have met some of them in person and others I look forward to meeting in the future. These relationships continue no matter what is going on in my life or where I am living. I find the familiarity and regularity of these online connections so enriching. They really know me. They celebrate successes with me, support me though challenges, appreciate my personal style, and encourage me to continue to put down roots wherever I am! I try to do the same for them.

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Great story Deborah--there is something about the rhythm of stitching, painting, creating that soothes us in a way that not much else can. I agree with you 100% about how other artist and the sense of community can uplift and 'save' us too. The connections we foster as we open up to others is amazing and truly rewarding.

Hand stitching does have a way of bringing us back to our roots doesn't it? Thank you for sharing your story with us...Will check out your blog now. You might be living just down the road from me =)

I know how your lifestyle can interfere with your path and how art can bring you back to yourself! I am a Navy spouse; I have moved 17x in 25yrs. It is a wonderful and daunting lifestyle, with many unique experiences and challenges! I am so happy you have shared your story and brought hope to so many~

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