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Art Saves • by Sherri Haab

Being creative and making things is like breathing to me. It's what motivates me to jump out of bed in the morning and what keeps me up late at night. As much as I love to sleep, there are never enough hours in the day to work on projects. Art is a constant in my life, like a companion that never leaves my side no matter what the circumstances. The desire to create is a lifelong passion that has brought me joy and comfort. Art has saved me through many of life’s trials and challenges.

Satisfaction from Creative Work
Like many women I have lots of work to do, children to attend to, and problems to solve. Laundry is never done, dishes pile up, and weeds need pulled. I find work exhilarating but daily chores do not provide the same excitement or satisfaction that comes with a creative work project. In fact domestic chores simply pop up again as though nothing counted from the previous day's efforts. To me creativity provides an identity apart from the daily grind of routine tasks. The challenge is to find balance as one struggles to find time and energy to accomplish both.

A Huge Blessing
As I look back on my life, working in an art-related field was a goal as a young mother. I worked nights after coming home from my full-time job in a hospital to develop my own business. After years of work and some failures, writing craft books and teaching art has become my career and it is a huge blessing in my life. With many painful events in life, such as losing my young mother very suddenly, helping family members through medical or emotional issues, and enduring my own trials (primarily a string of surgeries and dental nightmares), working with my hands has provided solace for my mind. Hint: for anyone going through medical recovery, knitting is the bomb! I never knit and barely know how - but I haven't found anything that replaces the “Zen” feeling that comes from a repetitive process like knitting.

Everyone is Creative
The best part about being artistic or creative is that it comes in many forms and processes. I do not believe people when they say they are not creative. I view creativity as a talent that can be fostered or developed by simply having a strong desire to be such a being. It doesn’t have to cost much, and is often sparked by the simplest things in life. Watch kids — they can have fun with a rock on the sidewalk or from stringing macaroni to make a necklace. Just writing this reminded me of shaking macaroni in a plastic bag with a few drops of food coloring and vinegar, then letting it dry (if memory serves me right) to create dyed shades of pasta ready for stringing - it's magic! I am convinced it's just as much fun to make today as it was years ago (before computers, iPods, and electronic games existed).

Yes indeed — ART SAVES!

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hello sherri!
i'm curating this week too and enjoyed reading your story. when you talk about staying up late and dishes and laundry piling up, i relate, i relate! and knitting! oh, one day...:) jan

i agree that creativity comes in many forms and folks should not deny it from coming out! :)

Wonderful story. I totally understand, work, family, dishes laundry, gardening, and staying up late to create. Now I'm off to your blog to learn even more about what you teach. It's so nice to meet you.


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