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A Gift from God • by Angela Harris

For me, Art is a direct gift from God. A link that I will always feel to my creator. When I have an emotion that I don't know how to get through, I know I can call on that link to him by escaping in my Art.

Art through Life
In preschool I was scared of being away from home, so I sat at my little table and colored hundreds of papers covered in rainbows. In kindergarten, I was so shy that I was in tears, but quickly made friends during our daily art journal times. When I was a pre-teen, I learned that my maternal grandmother, whom I never got to know, was an artist. I started painting to bond with her. Teen years of course were hard — every chance I got to create was a moment of raised self-esteem. And finally when I became a wife and mother, Art supplied a way to care for my family. I am able to spend time with my family, make my home, and provide income. Art Saved me by letting me lead the life I want to lead.

Counting on Art
In my eyes, just as a human is capable of love and loyalty, there will also be disappointment. But the Art in you is a perfect gift from God that can always be counted on to get you through.

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What an inspiration! Beautifully written and gorgeous pieces!! :)

Love the article. Angela is a very talented person. Her artwork is beautiful.

I love how your reflection of art and your way of life have united. Your art has a rainbow quality; It provides joy and is a gift from God! I'm happy your shared your story~

Hi Angela,

You've said it so eloquently. I love all of your lace and also the flowers. Beautiful. I am glad you are not so shy any more and have shared your story with us. You're little one(s) are no doubt little artists as well.

Keep up your beautiful work,

Thank you SO much for your lovely words! They mean so much to me! :)
~Angela Harris

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