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Courage Found • by Juliette Crane

Finding My Voice
Art helped me find my voice and gave me the courage to become the person I have always meant to be.

I cannot express enough just how much sharing my paintings and starting my creative business has helped me grow and become the person I know I was always meant to be. It has been completely terrifying at times, putting my art out there for people to see. But I know that with each expression of truth, someone else might just find the strength to share what’s in their heart too.

Painting was the thing I always thought I would never, ever have a chance with. I’ve always been creating something, whether it was sewing, writing, cooking, or photography. But it took a lot of support and encouragement and a lot of listening to the little whispers inside, nudging me to paint my heart out.

Intuitive Flow
The trick for me has been allowing that intuitive flow to happen and to just keep going/painting/creating even if I'm freaking out that my style is changing or I’m painting something way too weird (Why am I painting owls or half humans or girls with elk antlers? Why am I doing princesses! This isn't my style! I can’t show this to anyone!). I have to quiet that voice.

After I took a class with Kelly Rae Roberts, I admired her paintings so much that my characters suddenly got these long necks and wings just like hers. I freaked and didn’t want to paint any more, afraid I was just a copy cat and didn’t know myself or my style. But I pushed through that feeling and before long my long necked girls led me to discover my current love for spray paint and stencils and layering colors and patterns. Allowing myself the freedom to follow my instincts and imagination, led me to uncover a deeper part of myself.

Expectations to the Side
I had to put all of my expectations about who I am aside, to get to an even deeper core. And sure, I could’ve kept all of this in my studio and no one would have ever known. But you know what? I realized that as I started to share my story, other people could relate and it helped them push through difficult times too. And to me, that’s what we’re all here for-to help one another along on this journey and to share the unique truths that we each hold deep inside. In expressing ourselves, in whatever way we can, whether your art is writing or singing or talking or painting, we make connections. We don’t feel so alone. And we don’t feel like what we have inside is so weird and alien anymore.

Spreading the Joy
So right now, more than ever, I’m aware of the importance for each of us to share with the world whatever it is we have to express in our own unique voice. I promise you, it will be worth it. Maybe you change one person’s moment. And then maybe that person goes off and smiles at someone on their way to work and that person tips their cab driver a bit more and then the cab driver smiles happier at their next customer and they end up falling in love. And if I or you can spread just one little ounce of joy with a smile, think about what happens when you really open your heart and share your story.

I cannot say how thankful I am to be able to share my story with you and how grateful, grateful, grateful I am for all of the support and encouragement I continue to receive. I am so very thankful for absolutely all of it.

Juliette Crane is a mixed-media artist. Visit


Lovely post Juliette! Very insightful and love this: "I’m aware of the importance for each of us to share with the world whatever it is we have to express in our own unique voice." Love your art and a really great photo of you too! Happy August! Love & blessings, xoxo Valerie

what a lovely story, juliette! i am one of those blessed people you have encouraged and inspired with your sharing and your journey :)...thank you friend! ~jan

Thank you, Juliette, for sharing your story. I, too, can relate to your Intuitive paragraph. I'm all over the place. I can only hope, like you, that one crazy direction might lead me to my true path. I am grateful, too, for people like you, who open up and share their story.

Juliette~ I am so glad you wrote this!! You are such an inspiration! I know I say that on your blog all of the time! But you are~ :)
Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and encouragement through your words and your beautiful art work! It means so much to me!

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