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The Art of Living • by Sherry Mattia-Welch

As far back as I can recall art has been a part of my life and in my home growing up. My father worked as an architect and engineer and my mother stayed home with us four children, but was very passionate about creating a warm and safe home for her family. She often decorated the house, entertained in our home for family and friends, and designed and crafted displays for her women’s church group where they would put together and organize creative events such as fashion shows, teas, and luncheons and raise funds for charity.

When I was about 5 years my father designed and built a playhouse for my sister and I. We would play in that house for hours. We decorated it non-stop, and would transform it to so many different things — a schoolhouse, a restaurant, and a clothing boutique. I remember having a chalkboard and plenty of drawing paper in our family room where art in any form was encouraged by my parents. In my early years of attending school, I knew that even if I didn’t excel on certain subjects, I was always confident about getting an “A” for my grade in art.

A Passion for Creativity
As I became a teenager I knew I had a passion for being creative. I chose classes that related to some type of art and design along with the general agenda. After high school I attended beauty college and was licensed as a make-up artist and hair designer, which I worked at professionally for 20 years. I loved working on my clients and always wanted to bring in my creativity as a stylist; I often offered them a fresh sense of unique style, while still allowing them to be true to themselves.

During the last years of styling hair I also became interested on styling home decor. I was often asked by friends and clients if I would ever help them design or style there homes. After starting a family of my own I knew that I wanted to be at home with my small children. My passion for creativity was just redirected and my juices were once again flowing. I began designing small home accessories that were displayed at the Los Angeles Gift Mart, where I had several buyers such as Fred Segal, Nordstrom and Z-Gallery. I was bit overwhelmed with the assembly line of items laying all over my home, since I was the only one designing and making the items. After finding out I was expecting my third child, I realized this was a little more then I could handle at the time.

Comfort & Confidence
I soon gravitated to an eclectic, vintage style and a one-of-a-kind look. I started creating and displaying my designs in my vignettes in small shops where I would sell them. Having a fashion sense in my background from being in the beauty business, I often mixed my fashion accessories — such as my vintage hand-dyed slips, my junk jewelry, and my couture T-shirts — and displayed them on old chippy architectural pieces, an upholstered burlap French chair, or even on a hood of a vintage Ford truck. I love staying fresh and current with the trends of today, but also giving them a “vintage twist in a modern way.”

I have such comfort and confidence in the “Art of Living” that I encourage others to express themselves with their creative talents and share their passion so they can be an inspiration to others. I teach my children that I see that art as one of God’s gifts, and to embrace it. I hope that they realize how rewarding it is in so many ways. My love of art, design, and styling has brought me places where I have met so many talented people who have been such an inspiration to me. To share and support each other in such positive ways has been amazing!

“An artist cannot fail ... it is a success to be one.” (Charles Horton Cooley)

“To express when taking a risk with creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, but when it’s art, it is knowing which ones to keep.” (Anonymous)

To learn more about Sherry Mattia-Welch, visit,,, or


Loved this article! I'm so proud of my little sister! She never fails to inspire me! Her ideas are always so fresh and on the cutting edge of what is current and fabulous! It's easy for some to get caught in a "time warp" when it comes to fashion or decorating their homes by leaving things the same ol' way, but Sherry loves change and is always coming up with new and exciting ideas, with her charming vintage finds, to make her home and style irresistably romantic!
Sugar Pie Farmhouse

I am so proud of Sherry and honored to call her my friend. When I was at a low point and ready to give up, Sherry encouraged me and helped me through. Now, we work on many creative endevours together and she is such a positve, creative, inspiring person who is a pleasure to work with!
Sandra Finn

I love her stuff, I love her style!
Loved reading about Sherry. She's got great things in store for her.

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