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Fitting in Through Art • by Margot Potter

Margot PotterFor a quirky, creative, intellectual, and socially awkward kid to survive the indignities of childhood, they have to find their passion. For me, finding art, music, theater, and writing meant finding my voice and ultimately my power. I may not have “fit in,” I may have had braces and frizzy hair and ghostly pale skin, but when I stood on a stage and performed, when my poems were published, when I won awards at local art shows, I felt a sense of completeness and rightness with the world and myself. It didn’t matter if I “fit in,” in fact, my not fitting in was what made me uniquely creative. I’ve come to realize that no one really “fits in;” it’s just that some folks are better at pretending they do. We’re all little black sheep grazing about in the field of life, I do believe.

A Beacon of Art
As a confident adult, I no longer worry about how others see me. I create because there is nothing else I can imagine doing, because it is what I love, and because by doing it I inspire others to do the same. Ultimately art isn’t about the thing we create; it’s about the act of creating. What remains is merely a pale shadow of what we’ve experienced. When we create, we shift reality. Within the creative force is the essence of humanity and the absence of destruction. Even in the darkest moments of my life, even in the midst of chaos, the creative force is always there like a beacon, reminding me that joy and laughter and beauty will return. I believe that beacon is there for all of us and if we open ourselves to it, art truly can save us and the world in which we live.

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Margot Potter


I felt and still feel as if I don't fit in most of the time. I don't know what I would do without my creative hobbies.

I am thankful you found your beacon. Your refraction of light
focusing on joy, laughter and beauty~ I believe you are right we all can find our beacon, it is having the will to chart and stay the course. Thank you for sharing your story; I love your
photo; It is our differences, that makes us special, unique~

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