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I Am an Artist • by Misty Mawn

Misty MawnI can remember feeling shy about calling myself an artist, and that was not too long ago. I always knew deep in my heart that I was truly an artist, but when and how do you know if you can justify saying what and who you are aloud? It changes when it’s spoken from the lips. It verifies what you already knew, and perhaps before that moment of uttering those most sincere words it was just too precious and tender to share. Then comes that tiny shadow of fear. “What if they tell me differently?” “What if they break my heart?” Or worse, what if by some slight chance your heart and soul was wrong? Pray tell, how can the heart ever be wrong?! And the soul? It always knows! So when the time came I spoke those words “I am an artist,” and yes, they felt awkward, raw, exciting, like your first swim in the ocean or your very first kiss. But with time they become so ingrained that you have to stop yourself now and then to feel that exciting awkwardness again, to remind yourself how grateful you are to do what you always knew you were here to do.

No matter what time of your life, if you are a budding artist at 60 or maybe you are a skilled artist at 9, there is a place for you here in the art world, a place you can call your own! Give yourself permission to be an artist, to speak the words, or to scream them as loud as you can. Open yourself up and share yourself with those that understand, learn from others that have been where you are in one way or another, and turn your back to the fears and What Ifs.

Art has been there for me during the lowest and highest peaks of my life thus far and I cannot image my life without it. How on earth would I communicate if there wasn’t some form of art in my life?! I shutter to think about it, of everything and everyone I wouldn’t be connected to if not for art in my life. So instead of giving it any more thought, I pick up my brush and take heed to what I know ... I am an artist.

“No matter how individual we humans are, we are a composite of everything we are aware of. We are a mirror of our times.” — Louise Nevelson

To learn more about Misty Mawn, visit her at


Beautiful video and you've definitely touched on something that we all face... that transition to feeling comfortable calling ourselves artists and shedding the fears and doubts.

Misty, love how you've told your story, with words and moving pictures.

loved the video, Misty.

Hauntingly beautiful and heartfelt that video accurate glimpse of the artist, poet, film maker in your soul..

What a fantastic video Misty, the words the music the art all combined together are your story. Thanks for sharing it.

Had to watch it twice, and I'm sure I will watch it many more times. It is so raw and beautiful. Thank you, Misty!

you're so inspiring, misty! thank you :)

so beautiful. my soul resonates.

so telling and touching and beautiful beyond words, thank you for sharing

Well said! Fabulous Video!!
Thank you!!

the artist that is you shines brightly here. layer under layer over layer of uncovering who you are through your inspiring.

So beautifully expressed. Just like your work.

ahhh man, my buddy miz katie, took the words right outta' my mouth, she did, she did!! thank you for such mmmmmmmmmentor! xo

Misty..why are you so magic? This video is so beautiful....

This is a beautiful video, very inspiring

I love everything about you Misty!! Say hi to your newest stalker!!

Thank you - for sharing so beautifully knowing and feeling it's OK to be who you are, without doubt, with poetry.


Wonderful words - and stunning video. Thank you Misty.

Love the words, and the pictures. Yes, you are an artist with a capital A!
Patsy from HeARTworks

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