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Art Continues to Save Her • by Beth Quinn

Beth QuinnOnce upon a time there was a girl who was not happy with her life. She worked her normal job as a medical social worker but each day would come home feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied. She felt stuck — she loved being a mom and she loved her husband, but felt she was not growing as a person ... she felt a hole in her heart that needed to be filled. See, this girl had grown up being very creative (sewing, needleworking, playing with papers, etc.), but never dreamed that she could be an artist, that that was even a possibility for her — that was just “being crafty” people told her. But one day that all changed — she found a new art called mixed-media and she began making things. And suddenly her eyes were opened to a whole new world — things she only dreamed of, things that made her happy, rather than depressed and stuck. It awakened her soul again. Art was saving her ...

All She Could Think About
Now, you see this girl had two children and she knew that she wanted to be at home with them, especially because one had special needs (he had a stroke before he was born). As she continued her journey, she found jewelry making and began teaching herself using found bits and bobbles along with words that inspired her. She wanted to honor the friends and family in her life, and she wanted others to enjoy the pieces that she was making, too. She would go to work part-time on weekends and found herself daydreaming every day of what she wanted her life to be — she was doodling and sketching everywhere. She wanted to be her own boss, she wanted to create — it was all she could think about. She was dreaming big and believing in herself and putting herself out there in ways she never thought she could. She was creating art with every bit of her heart and soul. Art was saving her ...

Spreading Her Wings
After several months of creating as well as selling her jewelry, she had a talk with her husband. She knew with every bit of her being that she could turn her dream into a business (as it was happening around her every day) and her husband agreed. S she took the leap to make art every day and to sell it so that she could help support her family and take care of her children ... especially the one that needs lots of extra care ... She quit her job and spread her wings. And this is how art saved this girl ... and she feels ever so blessed that each day art continues to save her ...

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Beautiful!! Love you Girlie!!!


I have 4 of your necklaces and I have never NOT gotten compliments on them. Everywhere I go, people love them. You can tell that you put such love into all you do. Thanks for sharing your art saves story (and your talent) with us all! :) Melissa

gorgeous beth!
so well written and i can relate so much!!
we sure are happy that you share your lovely
talent with all of us!! xoxo

you are such a wonderful beautiful, woman beth.

The girl who took charge of her life..I love it~ Thank you for sharing Beth and letting us learn a bit more about your journey:)

I am a HUGE fan of yours, know this :) My "She listened to her heart above all other voices" pendant is a prized possession of mine. People ask me all the time where I purchased such an amazingly creative piece of jewelry...I always tell them that it is an amazing ARTIST who sells on-line.

Isn't it great to be referred to as an ARTIST by people across the country, Beth? You make beautiful things and the most beautiful you've made is a life that suits you perfectly.
Love and blessings to you every day~

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