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Arting My Way to a Better Me • by Helga Strauss

Helga StraussArt has always played an important role in my life, but last year was the most artistic year of my life so far. You see, at the approach of 2010, I decided that I wanted to become a better artist, become a better photographer, and be healthier. I didn’t have any extra funds to take classes, so I decided that the best way to achieve my goals was practice. So, I dreamed up what I like to call my Better Me Project. I made a commitment to do three things five or six days a week: make something, take a photograph, and do some kind of exercise.

And guess what? I actually did it! I made something almost every day for a year (some days it was only a collaged inchie that took a couple of minutes). I took photos almost every day (even if it was just one of my cute kitties taking a nap). And I even managed to include some form of exercise in almost every day (which meant lots of nice walks with my dog).

The experience taught me soooo much! I’m no longer afraid of a blank page and I don’t get upset if I make something ugly. I also learned that if you take 10 photos of the same thing ... at least one of them is bound to turn out good (lol). And with all of that exercise, I actually lost a few pounds (woohoo!). I’m planning on sharing some of my favorite discoveries on the new ARTchix Studio YouTube channel in the coming months. Please come join me.

Helga Strauss lives in beautiful Victoria, Canada, and is the artist and owner of ARTchix Studio (inspiring art and creativity since 2001). Enjoy endless inspiration and creativity on her Web site:; blog:; YouTube channel:; and Facebook:

Helga Strauss

Helga Strauss

Helga Strauss

Helga Strauss

Helga Strauss

Helga Strauss


I <3 Helga! She has always been such a wonderful source of inspiration! I'm loving the 3 things idea!

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