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Happy Life Connections • by Susan Tuttle

Susan Tuttle

Life is about connection — connection to self and connection to other. Art is a magical medium through which these connections become possible. My husband, Howie, and I have recently discovered a new and exciting way to share our lives with each other after nearly 13 years of marriage — enter the iPhone4! I am not kidding. Let me explain ...

Unleashing our Creativity
I have recently become completely intrigued, mesmerized, enchanted, and totally immersed in the art of iPhoneography, thanks to inspiration from my dear friend and most talented artist and photographer Chrysti Hydeck ( Prior to my discovery of the art of iPhoneography, my husband did not take photographs and would comment on my art and photography from the standpoint of observer. The iPhone changed all that, inspiring my husband to unleash his creative spirit, finding connections within and with other — that'd be me! We both have iPhones that we carry around on our persons daily, with ease I might add — quite the opposite experience of lugging around my camera bag stuffed with both my camera and multiple lenses — although of course I would never abandon my trusty camera. When we see beauty in moments of daily living, everyday objects, events, and people, we pull our phones from our pockets, point, and shoot. The process goes something like this: We find ourselves going on photowalks together, snapping away to our hearts’ content, then later, over coffee, we run our photos through a variety of photo apps that we have purchased (we’re up to 50+) to achieve looks that appeal to us. We then post our work on Instagram (which is a free app for the iPhone available at, where people around the globe share their work, “follow” each other, and comment on one another’s photographs.

Our Newfound Connections
Howie and I have quickly become iPhoneography addicts. We enjoy this newfound connection in our marriage made possible by the iPhone and art — taking and manipulating photos together, discussing our work, posting to the Instagram community, and perusing the Instagram community for beauty (you may catch us awake in bed at 1 a.m. finding new, talented photographers to follow).

You can follow Howie and I on Instagram if you’d like. My username is ilkasatticdotcom and Howie’s is nanaman. We are happy to follow you back.

Here’s to meaningful, happy life connections!

Susan Tuttle is a photographer, mixed-media, and digital artist who resides in Maine. She has published two books: Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media Demonstrations + Explorations (North Light Books, December 2008), and her most recent, Digital Expressions: Creating Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop Elements, a technique-based publication on digital art (North Light Books, available May 2010). Susan is a frequent contributor to Stampington & Company publications and other mixed-media art books. You can visit her site at and her blog at through which she is offering online digital art workshops.


What a wonderful sequence! And a terrific site. I found you via Madelyn M. and facebook.I too am living and enhanced life via my phone,although it is Droidography. I will investigate this community, if the i-people aren't too cool for a d-person:)


Hi Iskra:)
Nice to meet you. Thank you for your kind words. TY also for introducing me to Droidography -- the sharing goes both ways:)


Thank you for sharing; I love that you two found this common thread. It is amazing how we can make new connections all the time; I love how a communication device gave you insight to each other~ The lines of creativity n' communication stitching a new bond!

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