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A Wondrous Journey • by Tracie Lyn Huskamp

Tracie Lyn HuskampArt inspires the imagination and captures the heart. It is part of our everyday lives, surrounding us even in the most urban landscapes. We only have to step outside our front door to be greeted with a multitude of colors, patterns, lines, and textures.

Finding my Artistic Self
Enormous possibilities abound when creating art — the number of materials and techniques you can use seem endless. Sometimes, having these endless possibilities can cause confusion and hesitation — how do you choose just the right elements to include or the best technique to use? The answer is to listen to your inner voice. That voice can give your work direction by letting your personal style shine through. However, searching for and finding your unique voice can be challenging, but a very worthwhile journey.

It has been over 15 years since I embarked upon my own quest towards finding my artistic self. My path even caused me to make a life-altering decision to pursue art as a full-time career. This dream started small by simply gathering the courage to sign up for a basic drawing class in the evenings at a local college. I so vividly remember stepping into that classroom and feeling transformed, always soaking in as much information as I could, and reveling in every experience, both good and bad. This single drawing class was not only a humble beginning, but also one of the bravest decisions I had ever made as someone in her thirties that thought she could only draw stick figures. But this artistic will to learn, explore, make mistakes, and persevere was something that would not be denied.

A True Passion for Art
It only took one drawing class to understand I had a true passion for art. Yet, it would be many more years before I would find my own unique voice and personal style. I would discover this inner voice through a series of both personal and professional successes, failures, opportunities, rejections, travels, and tapping into my own likes and dislikes about particular colors, techniques, styles, and subjects.

Each of my works embrace fundamental feelings regarding my joy of life, my love of home, and my enormous adoration of nature. Spending time in nature and being engaged in the moment has also been truly life changing. Nature has helped me escape from the frantic and often hectic pace of daily responsibilities. I am sincerely grateful for every step I have taken on this journey and for my discovery of the natural world. That gratitude has, in turn, revealed itself in my life as an outpouring of art, which has provided opportunities to create some of the most unforgettable and cherished moments of my life. Even today, my love of mixed-media, painting, poetry, and nature fuel the fires of my creative spirit and continue to lead me on a wondrous journey.

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