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Art Saved Me • by Serena Stubson

Serena StubsonAll my life I have done something creative, whether that be drawing, cooking, or trying to sew. To be honest, I find it pretty amazing that I made it through high school and part of university considering how much effort was being put into the doodles in the margins and how little effort was being put into the school work!

One of Life’s Curveballs
While I was in university, life threw me a huge curveball and I was diagnosed with a degenerative autoimmune disease. No one could say what the future would hold and they still can’t; it was something really hard to deal with. I was encouraged by my family to go to university and have one of those grand careers like a doctor or lawyer, but being diagnosed with RA changed everything — it became my excuse to do what I wanted instead of what I should do. I dropped out of university with six months left on my degree, got a job doing something that I didn’t dislike at all and paid well, and started to pursue art.

As time went on, drawing became more difficult, so I decided to give painting a whirl. I’ve never had any training, so I really didn’t know what I was doing; still don’t! It’s all trial and error with me! I painted up a few canvases and on a whim took them to a local gallery — the gallery wanted to carry them all! And so did another gallery and another. My husband suggested that I should try selling my art online and within the first hour of my Etsy store being opened I had sold a painting! This was so unreal to me! It really made me realize that being “sick” didn’t mean that I couldn’t do something important with my life; art saved me!

My Next Project
I think it’s so amazing that the images that I create are in people’s homes all over the world! I’ve made amazing friends through art, friends that I can’t imagine my life without. I’ve had opportunities that I would have never had if I didn’t go the route that I went and focused on art.

I have an incredibly supportive husband and the most inspiring little boy anyone could ever ask for — they make it easy to keep creating new things. I still have bad days where I think about being sick, but they are few and far between; now I spend my time thinking about what my next project will be.

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Serena, It is amazing to me, how we can find the positive when we look. I have autoimmune issues and it does give one days of pause, but for the most part it enable us to see things in a different light. Our view is tilted, but we see value in time and appreciate our good days! Thanks for sharing your story and allowing others to see how art can heal and find a way to alter one's path! xXx

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