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The True Meaning of the Art Saves Mission • by Lori Oles

Lori OlesAs an alumni, I have been thinking for a couple of days how I was going to approach my Art Saves story. I re-read my earlier piece for Art Saves, posted over a year ago, and I wasn’t sure I if I would have anything fresh and new to contribute. To be honest, the whole Art Saves mission can be a little daunting when I look at my peers and see that they are donating their time teaching art to the less fortunate or starting a cause with fellow artists by donating their artwork to help other who have been affected by natural disasters. I thought to myself, “What have I done other than locally donating some art for the United Cerebral Palsy annual fundraiser?” I think it is wonderful that artists are taking a stance and really making a difference in the world and to me that is the true meaning of the Art Saves mission … But, is that really how we should all think about Art Saves?

As Big or as Little as you Want
After giving it a little bit of thought to what the true meaning of Art Saves is, and realizing it is more than just helping humanity, it can be as little or big as you want it to be. Now the concept of Art Saves is not so daunting after all. Your Art Saves experience could be an idea of opening the world of mixed-media art to a neighbor or an experience of how art provides that necessary calmness to your day-to-day life. It can be what seems so small to one person yet so impactful to another. I realized that it is all about how one interoperates it and now after thinking about it for a little while, Art Saves seems like a vast ocean of possibilities.

Supporting & Understanding Friends
Before I entered into the blogging community, I really didn’t have many friends who really get me. Sure, we all have many friends that come in go in our lives, but how many of them really “get” the true you? For me, my Art Saves story is about relationships and having those key people in your life supporting you in your art journey. I am very fortunate to have a handful of wonderful friends who are more than my blogging friends; they are more like old friends who have known each other for years or that sister I never had growing up. Even though we all have only really met a couple of times in person, you would never know. I can call or email them and talk about our love of tattered paper or vintage millinery or they just get why I bought a jar of broken jewelry pieces. I am fine about certain people in my coming and going in my life, but my art friends are that valuable possession I hold dear to my heart.

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