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Holding Nothing Back • by Juliette Crane

Juliette CraneWhen I started teaching my How To Paint An Owl e-course, so many people asked whether I’m afraid to share all of my secrets. Well, I stumbled upon an interview with Maya Angelou on Oprah Winfrey's Master Class series (it's so worth watching!). And when I watched this video, Maya Angelou's words mirrored how I feel about it all.

The video is called, "Hold Nothing Back" (January 16, 2011). In it Maya says, "I hold nothing back. Because I want to see that light go off. I like to see that you would think 'I never thought of that before."

When I watch that video and hear Maya Angelou speak I get shivers. I think, “Why on earth would I want to hold anything back when I hear from people who have been so inspired by my art and that it’s helped them find healing too?”

Finding Your Passion
I’m most delighted by others finding and following whatever they’re passionate about in life. And, as an artist, that doesn’t just mean being inspired to paint, but for others to create anything they’ve been dreaming about, whether it’s turning a guest bedroom into a library, working at a winery for the summer or taking photos on a morning walk. To me, it’s about learning something new, having fun with it, and being inspired to create something and take it in your own direction.

I know I am always learning. My style and artwork is always evolving. That’s why I don’t mind teaching everything I learn because I’m usually already learning or trying something new. So it only seems natural to share.

One student said I should call my e-course How To Find Your Passion because it really goes into creating your own style and discovering those things that make your heart beat faster. I’m here to share my art and to give others a place to begin. My hope is that their imagination can wander from there.

And because my students inspire me and keep asking for something more, I’ve decided to run a new e-course called How To Paint A Girl!

Endless Creativity
In all of my creating and running a creative business, I often forget to nurture and nourish myself. So, my How To Paint A Girl e-course will not only be a reveal of my painting a girl process, layer by layer, but it will also be all about taking time out for ourselves and remembering what you most love.

I’ve broken my girl paintings down into three separate styles that I’ll be teaching in simple shapes, just like my owls, so students can easily create their own unique girls. Then I’ll share the things that work for me to renew-like enjoying favorite smoothie recipes, wrapping up in a blanket fresh from the dryer, and buying fresh raspberries from the market! It’s all in the little things!

Part of what I love about sharing creativity, is that it’s endless! I know this new e-course will be just as inspiring as the first, and that it in turn will flourish into something new and keep on going in directions unimagined!

I cannot even say how grateful I am to be able to share my artwork, process and inspiration with you and how thankful I am for all of the kindness and encouragement.

Juliette Crane is an Artist & Adventurer. The next How To Paint An Owl ( e-course, a 5 Week online painting workshop, begins October 24. How To Paint A Girl ( begins in January 2012. For details and to register now, visit


I love your philosophy on not holding anything back! Thank you for sharing your insights.

Love this Art Saves Story Juliette! You are so right about giving. "Hold nothing back" I love that. "What you give you will get back tenfold"
I am giving you back some of that love. Great story.

Juliette is awesome!

Fantastic Juliette. I love how you carve out beautiful little stories for all your paintings too. Xx

I appreciate your candor. I am an artist, middle school teacher, mom, and continual student of.... whatever. I would be bored if I wasn't learning. I find that sharing what I do and know (in any of my many roles... except parenting of course) is inspiring and uplifting for me as well as the person I'm working with. You are incredible and the spark inside you is evident in your work and words! Carry on girl! xoxo Jody

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