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Art Gave Me a Voice • by Elena Lai Etcheverry

Elena Lai EtcheverryThe Child I Wasn’t Able to Have
2009 and the few blurry years before really challenged me. I was in a marriage that had no future just holding on to the hope that I would become pregnant and at least be a mother. I was trapped by time and the fact that I was racing to the end of my time to have a child of my own. The voices in my head grew louder and louder every day and I sank into a private depression. All during this time, I had one thing to keep me going. One reason to get up early every morning and sit down at my desk — Charity Wings, “A place for Artists and Crafters that want to give.” It is the child I was never able to have.

Doing What I Do Best
Through my charity I am able to do what I do best: Create. I create opportunities for artists and crafters of all ages to give and do good deeds. I create beautiful worthwhile events that inspire others to give and understand the needs of others and other communities. I create relationships that teach me and make me full and happy inside. I create art through techniques I learn from the amazing people I meet — that is the part I love most.

While I was finding my way, I was always able to express myself creatively, whether through my blogs, through my artwork, or through my events I had a voice. Art gave me a voice and it saved me.

To learn more about Elena Lai Etcheverry, visit


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