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My Way of Life • by Ro Bruhn

Ro BruhnEveryday, Pure Bliss
I feel the need to create art almost as much as I do the need to breathe. I’ve been making art in some form or other ever since I was a child. It’s a way of life for me. I’m fortunate now to be able to work full-time as an artist — creating everyday, pure bliss.

I trained as an engineering draftswoman and technical illustrator many years ago, then after 20 years I decided to become a graphic designer, a career that I’ve had for the past 20 years. Now I’m finally following my heart and doing what I’ve always wanted to do, be an artist; hopefully I can continue with this for at least another 20 years.

Creating is Healing
Art truly does help at times when we are suffering. My lovely mother passed away in February 2010, two weeks before I was due to attend a four-day workshop with Susan Lennart Kazmer, who happened to be teaching in Australia. I’d so wanted to take one of her classes, but when Mum died I didn’t think I could face it. My family convinced me it would be what Mum wanted so I ended up going to the workshop. For four days I was able to lose myself in my work and was so glad I’d attended the classes. I sometimes feel as if Mum’s there beside me when I sit down to make a piece of jewelry; it’s very healing.

Fills Me with Joy
I love to watch my grandchildren painting and making art. It fills me with joy to see the sparkle in their eyes as one color makes another jump or as they create a piece of art from old junk; I’m transported back to my childhood.

I have a passion for so many art forms including painting, jewelry making, and creating fabric and paper journals, textiles, and mosaics, but I’m sure there will be something else next week; I’m always trying new things.

I like to work on a few different projects at a time; that way, if one piece isn’t going as well as I’d hoped, I can work on something else until I decide what needs to be done. I love to teach and run workshops from my home on a regular basis. I also plan to run some online workshops this year. I have a blog and also an Etsy store. Art truly is my way of life.

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...and I have a passion for what you do. Your explosion of color is always exciting, no matter what medium you use. It's been wonderful getting to know you through your art and through it I can sense that if we ever met in person, you would be a good person to know in every way.

Congrats! xo Karen

Love your artwork! Especially the owls :) Creating truly is healing and what a privilege that we get to do it everyday.


Hi! Ro,

Lovely to know more about you and what inspires you, I so agree with Karen above when she says of the "explosion of color" on your blog, it was one of the thing that caught me the first time i visited it. I've had a number of times in my life when art has done the healing for, I couldn't live without being creative.

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