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Filling The Well • by Lyric Kinard

Lyric KinardThe act of creating nourishes me. Art fills my well.

Always Music
I come from a family of creative people. My father taught high school art, and my mother was a talented potter and weaver. My siblings are all musical and most of them know how to draw. I was so busy and driven with my music (I play French Horn) and my many other interests that I didn’t even think about the visual arts. I have always had a very broad range of interests, studying creative writing, architecture, history, languages, sciences, and always — music.

Staying Home
Then I made a choice. Instead of pursuing a career I chose to stay home with my children. I don’t regret that choice for a single moment — it has led me down a path I never could have imagined. But it wasn’t an easy path. I gave up the music and pretty much everything else that was part of my identity to stay home with these lovely, needy, all-consuming little beings. For the first few years I was lost. It felt like there was no “me” left. My well had run dry.

Quilts Can Be Art
Art filled it back up. A dear friend took me to a quilt bee with her and those fabulous ladies taught me to make beautiful quilts. It was a much-needed creative outlet. I could take a stitch or two, then run off to care for the little ones. No paint drying in the brush. It was amazing how much I could accomplish two minutes at a time.

But I was still struggling with a lack of identity (and a bit of post-partum depression). A little while later I attended my first large quilt show, stood in front of an art quilt, and had an epiphany. Quilts could be ART! I immediately took out every class I could to teach me the techniques I needed to know.

My first art quilt was a group challenge — create an art quilt in the shape of an apron. My first reaction? UG! But chose to take on the issues I was dealing with and ended up working through my ambivalent feelings toward motherhood. Art took me through an exploration of my choices, of society’s view of motherhood, of my value in the role of homemaker. Art brought to a greater appreciation of the sacrifice that mothers have always made. Art helped me find out who I was, and helped create who I am now.

Art fills my well and it overflows with sweetness.

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