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Letting Go • by Linda O'Neill

When I was a young girl, creatures with antennas, ladders, houses, and buses were some of the characters that often appeared in my crayon drawings. I created imaginary landscapes that let my imagination go to places that were exciting, fun, and quirky. As an adult, I have to work more at letting my thoughts go and being open like a child. When I manage to do that, I find the energy starts to flow and my paintings are better.

Going Back to School
My interest in becoming a Professional Artist didn’t happen until I was in my twenties. I worked at a design firm in San Francisco but as a Studio Manager … not a Designer. I was surrounded by so many talented people, but I was not part of the Creative Team. That experience was extremely frustrating for me so it was then and there that I found the desire to go back to school. I did and loved every minute of it. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking.

Letting Go of the Chatter
I have been working as a Professional Artist for over 15 years now. One of the most common roadblocks I encounter is to recall that childlike, free feeling when I’m painting. To be able to “not think” too much and approach a painting without preconception is a continuing challenge. I’m getting better at it though.

The same principle helps me in my life too. I tend to be a worrier … anxious about what my paintings should look like, exactly how to complete that vision and what painting is next up on the easel. To be in the present, to let go of all the chatter in my head, makes me a much happier and centered person in general. Art lets me wander to those magical childhood places again. It is my greatest teacher.

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