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Making Things: Always Have, Always Will • by Kerry Lynn Yeary of Kenner Road

Kerry Lynn Yeary of Kenner RoadI’ve always had the creative bug. I remember being 7 years old and making my step-father a cardboard tool box with cardboard plumbing tools for his birthday. I remember wanting to drop band in sixth grade because being in the band meant that I couldn’t take the art class that was offered at the same time. I remember taking three art class electives in a row my senior year of high school so I could teach myself how to make ceramics, throwing clay pots on an antiquated wheel in the back of Mr. Geddes’ art room, all so I could really dive in and not feel rushed to clean up the clay after only 45 minutes. I remember being the one who made all of the signage and paper displays at the retail store that I managed during college. I make things, I always have.

Believing in Myself
I’ve soldered. I’ve made candles. I’ve crocheted. I’ve beaded bracelets and necklaces. I’ve done wire work and taught myself how to use power tools. I’ve done rug hooking and braided a wool rug out of thrift-shopped linen dresses. I’ve taken sculpture classes, I’ve painted and drawn figures. I’ve scrapbooked, made mixed-media journals, and created altered art projects for CHA. I’ve owned a scrapbook kit club and designed exclusive stamps. I’ve designed a paper line coming out this year and taught myself Photoshop and Illustrator. But I’ve never believed in myself enough to call myself an artist.

Six Little Letters
I know. It’s silly to give one word such power over me, and it’s a struggle that I still have as I sit here and write these words for Jenny and Art Saves. Labeling myself as an artist and accepting that “title” has always been difficult. It’s what I dreamed of being as a child and what I still dream of being now, but it’s still not how I describe myself to others. I wish it were. I wish when people asked me what I did that my response back would be, “I’m an artist.” But the title still doesn’t seem like it fits me, not yet.

Maybe I will always feel this way. Maybe I won’t. Maybe one day, after I realize it’s just a word, just six letters put together next to one another to describe something creative that someone does, I will stop letting it intimidate me and just let myself be it. An artist. Maybe the struggle to accept the title as artist is what lets me dabble and try new things so easily. Maybe not labeling myself lets me be freer and more open to experiment and move from one art form to another. Maybe it keeps me from really being what I was created to be.

An Artist.

Always Making
Right now, all I know for sure is that I don’t have an answer. All I know is that I’m on a journey and that I’m still exploring. I’m still learning and trying new things. I’m still struggling and experimenting. The one thing I do know is that I make things, and I always will.

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You have a Renaissace Soul, a preference for variety.
This type redefines the meaning of success.
I have the book. lol No I m not the author.
I m reading this book now.

Your talents are admirable, maybe you can come up with a new name for
Your creativity. Either pway you are a creative creature with a beautiful voice!

Thanks for sharing

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