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When I Found Art, I Found Me • by Seth Apter

Seth ApterTraveling with Eyes Open
Art came to me and I came to art “later” in life. It was not an interest for me growing up, nor in my early years as an adult. But the beauty of life is that the path we take has twists and turns. And oh so many choices along the way. It is my belief that opportunities abound and each person needs to travel with open eyes and be ready to seize the moment when given the chance.

When Art Entered my Life
I may be one of the few people who can pinpoint a moment in time when art truly entered my life as a permanent resident. It was almost 12 years ago, on June 10, 2000. I had recently been divorced and was traveling on my own in Vancouver, BC. I was in a place, literally and figuratively, that I had never been before. I stepped into a gallery there and met artist and gallery owner Patricia Larsen. That fateful meeting changed the direction of my life and has led me to be the artist I am today.

A Time of Transition
My embrace of the artist within me came at a very challenging point in my life: a time of transition and a time when I needed to find my footing and a new direction. I did not realize it in the moment but I had been a bit lost in that period of my life. And I have to say that when I found art … I also found me.

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I'd like to travel with my eyes WIDE open!

A door opened when you traveled to Vancouver and walked in that gallery. And you stepped through Seth. So glad you did! Wishing you a lot more creating Seth. Its fun to see what you make - a book, a blog, a book of another kind....

I can relate to that Seth. As a late starter myself I am surprised at the passion that I have for this chosen path. There is so much to learn and enjoy.

i am so happy that you found art. you are so very talented.

Seth ..your story is a similar one for me as helps so often in find a new direction happy to see you here!!

How true Art Saves - Through Art I found my saving grace ....having been an a child wanting to be an artist all my life, then giving up on that dream due to 'societal fears or believes' I headed into a more mainstream profession ---- became a social worker working with women and children living with violence in their lives for 16years, glad I did this - but in 2006 Tama Kieves book literally fell off the table onto the floor....and it changed my life, I highly encourage this book " This Time I Dance" changed who I was and I delved head first into a new career as an artist and teacher. I am loving every moment of it..thanks SETH for your leadership, vision and bravery to embrace your fears and go for it anyway....your example perhaps will save many people's lives too....bravo!

A relatable post for me, whew! I've had a time of transition thrust upon me with my husband's recent death. I'm working through such feelings of being lost. I think making and creating is a big part of how I'm doing it.

The art world is a much better place since Seth found it. Thanks for sharing your life and discoveries with us!

Seth - I only recently discovered your art but really appreciate you as an artist. I also am just now discovering the art in my while in transition. Thank you for sharing your story.

I am so happy you found art and art found you! You were meant to travel this path~ Thank you, for sharing so much with all of us~ Life is full of surprises! I hope you continue to be surprised ;D

Sending out thanks to you Jenny, to all of you have so nicely commented and to everybody who took the time to read through the posts I chose. What a great week!

Through reading these stories the world becomes a smaller place and we recogise our humanity in each and every person..

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