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Maiden to Mother Artist • by Robyn P. Thayer

Robyn P. ThayerHow do I relate to the creative process I once knew, now with no time and little energy? How do I give wholeheartedly to motherhood and creativity? Can I love both? And how do I make art when it looks and feels nothing like it used to?

Take Mother and Artist, put in blender, and Blendy blendy blendy. Out comes widespread creativity.

Creativity in All Endeavors
Creativity happens—it cannot be made or destroyed. My allegiance is to foster beauty in all things. Most times, these days, I do not have access to my easel and messier supplies. I do have a kitchen, my camera, my pencil, a small art box I keep on the living room floor, and, of course, my turbo imagination. I even have a tiny bit of time, late at night, for an online class or a chapter in an art book. Daydreaming totally counts, and looking at photos of others’ work online helps me stay connected. Finding ways to be creative in all endeavors keeps me unwilted and, dare I say it—sexy. For me, using the freshest ingredients as I make stew, and knowing the story behind the elk or the tomato, deepens the glow of my existence and potently flavors the meal.

Letting Go of Notions
In many ways I appear exactly the same, yet from the inside, all is different. With the letting go of notion after notion of what art is and who I was as an artist, another layer is added to the foundation of my wellbeing. I approach my life from a broader stance, with more earth under me and much more space within and above me. This is how art is working me.

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I get this! Brilliantly written and so true.

Spot on R! My creativity went from art, to nil, to glue sticks and puffballs arts and crafts, but it still fulfills. Now we (6 year old daughter) are doing pottery lessons together. I will be happy to see what the next incarnation of my art life is!

I believe that Robyn's willingness to be "open" to change and unknown territory - moving through life with such inspiration will ultimately lead to incredible creativity that she has yet to stumble upon ... whether it be a pot of stew, a 12" x 12" masterpiece or simply a sketch in her journal.

I really enjoy the rawness of her thoughts and writing - well done!

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