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I Am a Maker • by Mimi Kirchner

Mimi Kirchner Art saves—oh yes! It saves my nearest and dearest from having to deal with a crazy lady every day!

Creatively Coping
I am a maker. If I’m not making, I am not me. There are always the stresses—the kids are small and then they are teenagers and then young adults! I’m not sure which age is tougher. There are illnesses and elderly parents to deal with. There are money struggles and unemployment. If I can spend time in my studio, I can cope. My creative time is like meditation. My focus is entirely on my work. I am solving problems as they arise and getting into a rhythm of working. Then the cares and stresses of the world fall away. My studio is my sanctuary.

The hardest times for me are when my creative brain is in a slump. If I’m not feeling inspired by my work, if I’m not having fun in the studio … groan. I am so cranky. Luckily I have only had a very few times in my life where I’ve had to do a serious change of direction. Mostly over the years I’ve discovered a number of ways to get myself past the dry periods and back on a creative path and feeling sane and centered again.

Embracing Identity
I have always been a maker but it took me many years to embrace my identity as an artist. I had to get rid of the critical voice in my head that was my own worst enemy in my twenties and thirties. Somehow, turning 40 was a time for me to re-evaluate lots of things, one of which was, Who am I trying to impress anyway?! When I stopped worrying if what I was doing was ART enough, I felt more comfortable in my identity as an artist and my work got a lot better—funny thing about that!

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LOVE all you shared Mimi! ~x

"I am a maker. If I’m not making, I am not me.", struck a major chord with me Mimi. Only last week I realized that "making" feeds my soul. Great to meet you & thanks.

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