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Create from the HEart • by Stephanie Ackerman

Stephanie Ackerman Personally, I cannot create something that doesn’t have a specific purpose, something that is not me, nor something that I would not welcome into my own home. I have to be authentic when I am creating something because if I am not, it is evident. The same rings true for everyday life, not just the creative life.

Re-Evaluating Why I Create
For many years in the creative industry, I did the very opposite, creating what others wanted me to create and in the process, I completely lost sight of myself. This is a hard thing to admit because I brought it on myself (be careful what you wish for) and at one point, thought I had lost all love for my passion, my hobby, my job, my love creating. I was continually upset, anxious, and at some points even crying over it.

It took getting to that point that I finally realized, I had to stop. COMPLETELY STOP. The same rings true for everyday life, not just the creative life. I had to stop and breathe, refocus, re-evaluate, and redefine the reasons why I create.

By making the choice to stop and get out of the creative pit I had dug myself into, I was able to remember the why’s of what I do, not only as a hobby, but as a career and not only as a career, but for my life. Through the journey, through the frustration, fear, doubt, and anxiety, there was a lesson.

There always is and I probably do not have to say it again but the same rings true for everyday life, not just the creative life.

Defining my Purpose
I was able to define my purpose a little clearer not only by recognizing it but by also saying it out loud: I am an Artist. I have talents and gifts that are GOD-given and my job is to create, share, inspire, and remind others of the things they probably already knew, just forgot to remember.

What I do is “create soulful art” and what that means is I create things from paper, paint, ink, batter, dough, fabric, felt, sticks, rocks, you name it ... whatever my girl-MacGyver mind, trailer park Martha hands, and God-filled heart can get a hold of … and in the process of turning it from one thing into another, I also incorporate a message as reminder to you, and for myself.

Strengthening my Creative Wings
If you find yourself in a pit, whether it be a creative or everyday life pit, do not give up because giving up is not an option. It is never too late to stop, refocus, and restart—the key is to STOP.

While it only took me 38+ years to identify my purpose of sharing, teaching, encouraging, and inspiring through creative arts, I had to learn to recognize, feel, and live the truth of that statement above by standing up, stepping out, and sharing my faith, through those creative arts. I had to be brave, take a leap of faith, and share because HE is the reason for my ART (and why you will always see a heart in my work). When you do what you are supposed to do, it just feels right and you know it in your heart.

I have been given a creative license to create from the heart and this allows me to stay centered, stay focused, and create like I have not created in a long time. I am blessed to do what I love to do for a living and I feel really good to be able to say that. I am finding comfort, peace, and meaning through my art and I want to suggest that if you are in a spot that is not comfortable ... try creating. Many times I just work on getting the base of a project down so that when I am inspired, I can go out and create Heart. As I create and blog, I will continue to strengthen my creative wings:

Through Prayer ... as I pray for INSPIRATION
Through Reminders … to remind you that we are all in this thing called life TOGETHER
Through Examples ... of doing things like spreading JOY
Through Connection ... of our CREATIVE SOULS
Through Art ... that I CREATE & SHARE...
Through Love ... for OTHERS because we are supposed to ...
Through Support ... for EACH OTHER because we are better together.

To learn more about Stephanie Ackerman, visit


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