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Our True, Authentic Selves • by Lidy Baars

Lidy Baars A Love of Art
From the time I was a little girl in Europe, I have loved art. Surrounded by beautiful antiques in the home of my grandparents, I drew little pictures with my colored pencils, which I taped on the wall underneath their oil paintings. I just knew they belonged together, and I was encouraged by my mom and Opa and Oma to create (though not so much about the sticky tape on the walls or frames of the paintings).

I think I have always loved to create art in a variety of ways, from those wobbly little drawings at an early age, to “decorating” my dollhouse, making clothes for my bears, making a family of plaster frogs for my mom for Mother’s Day, writing stories and poems, and sewing clothes for myself as a teen.

A Creative Mom
I have a degree in Studio Art. After graduating I wanted to buy a printing press and become a serious artist with a serious art career (which was all a huge “maybe”). After the birth of my two children, though, I was so convinced that I needed to be a stay-athome mom that it wasn’t a hardship to give that dream a back seat. I used all my creative energy to explore every medium with my girls; our house was the house where the neighborhood kids loved to come and “do crafts” with paper, glue, paint, and glitter. I loved every minute.

Later on, one of my children had some very serious health issues. There were a few times when we thought we would lose her. Art became my way to stay sane. Creating was the one thing I did during those stressful days, months, and years for myself as a way to express my hope and faith, as well as desperation. I glued, I painted, I doodled, I sewed, and amazingly, I found joy in the midst of the scariest time of my life in the very act of being creative. Thankfully, the crisis passed.

All Creative Beings
Needing to start work again, art, or being creative, blessed me. My “eye” for beauty turned into a career as an antique dealer. I started my business, FrenchGardenHouse, and while it’s not creating in the traditional manner, I use everything I’ve learned in all my creative pursuits on a daily basis. We all love surrounding ourselves with things that are aesthetically pleasing, and I love nothing more than to make the world around my clients a more beautiful place.

With every new “craft” or technique I’ve learned on my way, art has allowed me to express my true self and wander down roads that lead to further inspiration, not to mention connect with a huge group of like-minded friends and creative kindred spirits.

We are all creative beings. Creating something with our mind, our hands, and our heart is what makes us “real”; it connects us to each other. Our voice, our life, and the beauty we create is one of the common threads that weave all of us together. That is the beauty of art, of creating; it allows all of us to be who we are, to create beauty in our own way. Each one of us has a story only we can tell—our story.

I am grateful that art is always available to everyone. You don’t need a lot of money for it. Or time. Even a pencil and a scrap of paper will do. Art is inside of all of us, longing to come out and play. Art saves all of us from leading lackluster lives. It allows us to step out of ourselves and dream, hope, and share pieces of our true, authentic selves.

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Dear Lidy, One visit to your blog and website and it is clearly evident that you were blessed with a creative heart, mind, and soul. However, I have visited your pages more than once... in fact many times over the years and each and every time I am gifted with the beauty that you share with others. I am so happy to see your story here at Crescendoh! :)

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