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More Art • by Aimee Dolich

Aimee Dolich Working as a self-supporting artist serves up a tricky challenge that I know I’m not alone in facing: how to produce fresh, creative work on a disciplined schedule without falling into a rut or burning out. The obvious answer is stepping away and taking a break like I would from any other job—but being an artist isn’t like any other job. When I get overwhelmed, bored, or like I’m going nowhere with what I’m doing, my whole system threatens to shut down on me. In these situations, I call to the rescue ...

More art.

I redirect myself into something entirely process-based to remember how it feels to create without a specific purpose. I cut up magazines. I whip out my crochet hook (I know all of two crochet stitches and they are extraordinarily stress relieving; I just keep going back and forth and back and forth in rows). I finger-knit miles of yarn and then undo them. I look for patterns in nature and seek color and life around town. I talk to a creative friend and hear a fresh perspective in that different voice. I read a book and make lists of words I like. I dip my hands in a medium I’ve never tried and slap paint randomly on things. I love being in process mode—it’s like plumbing for the mind. It clears out the channels and opens them up to new ways of thought.

Once the ideas start flowing again, I’m refreshed and excited to get back to the artwork at hand. But I’m always listening carefully for the voice inside that notices when I’m tipping out of balance, and whispers in my ear: “Not everything needs to be for sale.”

And I heed those words with heart.

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You are wise, my sweet friend. I adore your creative spirit. Thanks for the refreshing ideas!

Oh I love this! I literally got teary when I read “Not everything needs to be for sale.” (Can you sense overwhelm on me? Phew!). Thank you, thank you for this reminder. I so needed this.

One of the things I do when I need to spark my creativity is to check out what you are doing on your blog - you are very inspiring!

I absolutely needed this! I am really in a 'stuck' place and this was wonderful advice! I was so glad to hear from all your readers that shared too. I would like to share this article with everyone:) Thanks for your Honesty and Transparency!

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