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Connecting Creativity & Healing • by Liz Lamoreux

Liz Lamoreux Feeling the Magic
About seven years ago, I was painting on a big canvas for the first time. I was standing at the dining room table mixing acrylic paint and deeply noticing the joy I felt mixing new colors and using a huge brush to get them onto that canvas. Closing my eyes, I can hear myself giggling out loud and then singing along to The Weepies while wearing my headphones not worrying about anything and just having fun.

It was magic.

And I felt like the little girl inside me was playing for the first time in a long, long time.

As the pieces of the painting came together, I found myself running to my then home office (where I had a little creative corner) to grab this or that to add to my painting. After about an hour of this, I realized the painting was really about my grandmother who had died the previous year.

An image of hummingbirds calling for her spirit came to me. I imagined them singing the song she had been waiting to hear for her entire life. Tears fell as I added a hummingbird and words to the canvas. But I kept singing. And most importantly, I kept feeling the magic.

Telling Our Stories
This was the first time I connected creativity and my own healing in such a tangible way. The act of playing with paint and feeling like a little girl again created space for a level of joy I hadn't felt since before my grandmother's death.

As the paint dried that night, I took a few minutes to close my eyes and breathe. Knowing I had just touched magic or rather spirit, love, and magic had just touched me. I needed this few minutes of breathing it in to steady myself and create even more space for the healing to take root.

I think of the creative journey as one of expanding and contracting. We play and dance in the joy of creating, and then we synthesize what we’ve experienced in our bodies, minds, and hearts while we rest and reground.

Through it all we heal as we tell our stories.

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