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Art Remains the Greatest Thing Ever :: by Lisa M. Pace

For as long as I can remember art has been a part of my life. The earliest arty recollection I have is around the age of three years old. I was sitting at the kitchen table with my mom painting a ceramic squirrel pencil holder and thought it was the greatest thing ever! During my grade school years the first thing I looked for on my school supply list were “Crayons” getting a new box of crayons and seeing all of them lined up so perfectly in the box was pure delight. My love of glitter and precision cutting was discovered in first grade as I sat at my desk cutting, gluing and glittering a gingerbread ornament. As I sat at my desk art took me to a place of calmness where all my worries and anxieties melted away. I became calm and focused as I created.

Growing up art brought my family together. My mom is a fabulous artist. She sketches still life images and loves to paint landscape scenes, lighthouses and the ocean. My dad is a woodcarver and carves wildlife and sea life as well as abstract sculptures. I would create bedtime stories by drawing hippos “Henry & Henrietta” for my younger sister of 8 years that took her on a little fairytale journey each night.

I honestly cannot remember not having some kind of art project going on in our house growing up. I feel since there were so many mediums being used in the house it’s the reason I love to create with so many different mediums as well. I saw so many growing up by watching my parents that I truly have a love for all kinds of art. It is not uncommon for me to have several different projects going on at once… embroidery, plaster, resin, paper etc.

I started playing with paper in 2005 when I wanted to create a mini album for my daughters 17th birthday. After this, one thing lead to another, magazine publications, Design Teams, Martha Stewart Master Scrapbooker , Memory Makers Master and in 2008 my first book deal with F+W Media. Art has given me many wonderful opportunities, has allowed me to travel to fabulous places around the world and make lifetime friends. Art remains to be the greatest thing ever just as it was when I was three. It continues to bring me joy, and a sense of calm.

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