July 15, 2008


Q: What kind of camera do you use?
A: For most of my shots, I use my Canon 30D.

With my 28–135mm lens ...

For wider angle shots, I use my 10–22mm lens ...

For those times when I am without my SLR, I use my trusty "point and shoot" (Canon PowerShot SD850 with Image Stabilizer) that I ALWAYS have in my purse.

There's no doubt about it. I'm a Canon Girl.
(PS: If you're going to get an SLR, I recommend taking a class to gain an understanding about how ISO, shutter speed and depth of field relate to one another. But I also highly recommend that after the class, to just dive right in and shoot, shoot, shoot. You won't learn until you take shots and play around with all the dials and buttons. Photography, I am learning, is very intuitive and cannot be mastered in a class alone.)


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Hello Jenny,

we are canonaddicts too... My husband owns a canon EOS 350 D and a few lenses... He mostly uses it for photographing his modelscales and putting the photos on the website of his club.

My 15 year old daughter experiments with it at home, especially to photograph the cats.. I don't know how to use it...

I have a small canon power shot A85 and for me that's perfect.I have it for about 4 years and since then I carry it with me everywhere. I made a pocket so I could click it save on my handbag.
I never go out again without my canon, especially not since I have my blog..., you never know what comes up your way...

I have looooooots of photo's. The problem is that the photos of the past year are still on my computer. I must take my time this vacation to make some in real photo's...

Yesterday we bought another small canon : powershot A 560. We go to London next week and I wanted to give my daughter an own camera, so she can take photo's of her interests. She has a card on it of 4 MB, so I think she can photograph whole London !

I'm a person who loves to take photos to keep the moment for the future...


I love when bloggers talk about what cameras they use as I am always astounded at the quality and the beauty of the pictures they post. Hopefully one day I'll work my way up to something like that 30D beauty, but for now I love my little Canon Powershot as well and so agree with you on this brand. xox

I love the photos you take and the fact that you always have one with you to capture the moments in life!!!

canon girls unite!
I love my EOS to the ends of this earth but next time we are in the same room you must share some of your powershot tips as I have one and lets just say it spends most of its time in my purse :)

From one Canon girl to another...Canon rocks! I have the 20D and am totally smitten with it. I recently received a Canon macro lens and am now addicted to all things close! Your photos are gorgeous Jenny...

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