November 12, 2008


Q: Does your office really look as nice as seen in Where Women Create?
A: When I'm in the middle of lots of planning and production, it looks more like this ...
However, once production/planning mode passes, i do clean up. And when I know company's coming (like Where Women Create), I tidy up pretty good. :)

Speaking of my office, I try to display things that make me happy and motivated. Like this, which is on the top portion of my door ...
From left to right: tag by Michelle Ward, Butterfly card and collage by Rachel Emilie Jackson, embellished envelope by Anna Corba attached with embellished clothespin by Connie Govea Stuart, red dress by Lisa Guerin, another tag by Michelle Ward, cool envelope by Lisa Engelbrecht, embellished envelope by Lisa Guerin. These items of beauty make me feel love, support and protection from some of the best people I know.


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You couldn't pay me enough to take a Pic of my Work space right now. Just the way I like it thouhgh. Can't create when things are too neat.

not a clothesline long enough to attach momentos of
the people who have come to admire you!


Whew! I'm not the only one who explodes a bomb in my workspace. Thanks for the reality check!

I think I spy the cakestand I've been wanting :) With a cup of coffee on top! I see the beauty beneath your work! That holder on the side of the fridge would be fun to play in...

Jenny this reminds me...did you ever get the hanging mermaid I sent you with your magazine face on it?

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