February 28, 2009


Q: Are you right-handed or left-handed?

A: I'm ambidextrous. Well, actually, I was born left-handed. But in the olden days :) when I was a child growing up in Korea, there was a huge stigma about left-handedness. So I was forced to learn to write with my right hand. I remember tears coming down my face as my left hand was literally wrapped and bound while learning to write. It felt so unnatural. Interestingly, I can do a lot of things with both hands now. Probably not a true ambidextrous person by birth, but by upbringing.
No need for boo-hoos. It really was what happened at that time period in that culture. I'm good. I like using both hands. It's actually quite marvelous. 

PS: While I'm writing this post, I'm enjoying some frickin' amazing cello music by Apocalyptica — which I was turned onto by sweet Pilar Pollack. Who knew cellists could totally rock out?! 

PS2: Adorable MOO cards by the amazing Danitawho I will talk about in a future post. (Our cover artist for the March/April 2009 issue of Somerset Studio.)


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I am a leftie with a rightie bent myself! I write, eat and brush my teeth with my left, and do everything else--including play sports--from the right. Good to know I am not the only one of my kind!

Enjoying browsing your blog, thanks...
Tina Pfeiffer
Pfeiffer Photos

Interesting post since I'm left handed. They didn't try to change us here in school, but there wasn't the left handed "stuff" like there is now, ie. . scissors, etc. I couldn't even imagine having a hand bound. I do a lot with both hands and I know I see things differently than many because of the left handed thing. Plus I've also, besides being left hand, I've got the Gemini, blonde thing as well. But it's cool to be different, being the same is boring! Take care, Sue

My daughter is a lefty but I am right handed. Although I use both hands quite a bit-not quite equally but close! I love it makes doing so many things easier I think. Fun post Jenny... Hope you are having an awesome weekend~Tam!:D

That's a really interesting post, Jenny. I myself write with my right hand but draw with my left hand - again, by encouragement, not nature. While it is more difficult to physically hold the pencil in my left hand, the drawings are much better! (Which I find fascinating!) Have a good Sunday,

When I saw your post it struck a cord. I am abideztrous. I am basically left - handed, or so we think, yet I do so many things with my right hand (naturally) that it might appear to someone watching me during those activities, that I was right-handed.

I will often use both hands when painting and I use both hands for applying my makeup.

My sister is completely left-handed as was my paternal grandmother. She also told me stories about haveing her hands hit with rulers at Catholic School because they wanted her to write with her right hand. Consequently, her handwriting was horrible. Awwwwww...that wasn't nice.

Well, I find that working with both sides of the brain can be difficult at times and it really does cause decision making a bit difficult at times.

Nonetheless, it's really who I am and I enjoy the diversity that's e. It's intersting and when one hand gets tired, I can "switch"!

Love that you talked about this, Rachel. I also like everything else I see here. I'll be back.


interesting post........3 of our kids are lefties....my hubby and I are righties.....we tried to "make" the lefties into righties by giving them items in thier right hand and they would immediatly put it in their left hand...so, we figured thats the way they wanted it and let them be "lefties"

My oldest son used both hands to write thru most of Kindergarten. The teachers finally told us we had to make him choose. He chose his right hand for writing but does everything else with his left. funny...

I have that CD- It was given to me by a soldier from Iraq. He told me it's what helps him cope.
It's intense and lovely.
PS I'm getting an email together for you- you should get it today or tomorrow. Thank you for the last note.

I'm right-handed. But I broke my wrist when I was 16, and had to do my schoolwork with my left hand. I still use my left hand for many things. so I call myself mildly ambidextrous. It's very handy (no pun intended)!

I understand perfectly. I too was a leftie. But was forced to learn to write right handed. It's interesting, I have two distinct hand writing styles depending on the hand I use. (Yes, I learned left handed too..at home, thanks to a Mom who believed that the school system was trying to "stifle" me!

yay! she likes a band fron Finland! (double yay for pilar!) watch this one...crush enclosed.

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