October 28, 2009


I love it when people are clever. Just love it. Today, we had a huge dose of cleverness in the Art Department.


Because in our office, it was the day to dress up in costumes to enjoy our annual Halloween potluck. And my design staff came dressed as different typefaces. Clockwise from lower left (excluding me) are as follows: Yayoi as Hobo, Joy as University, Nadine as Avante Garde, Jennifer as Franklin Gothic, Jessica as Futura, and Cyd as Courier. I dare any other office group to top this clever collaborative costume attire. SO CLEVER.

Jenny freud 

I'm not sure what typeface I'd choose if I had to dress up like one. Certainly NOT Comic Sans. (I have this thing against Comic Sans.) Maybe I'll have to think about it in time for next Halloween. But for this Halloween, my costume involved two ingredients: a necklace with the word "Freud" on it, along with my way-cool and totally hot dyed vintage slip by the fabulous Sherry. Put them together and what do you get? 

A Freudian Slip 

Clever. (Actually, I have to attribute the cleverness to Kelly Snelling, who gave me the idea.) 

Ah Halloween. How I loathe it. I mean love it. How much fat I will gain, I mean fun I will gain, from all the treats and festivities. Sorry for the Freudian slips. Just part of my costume, I guess. Happy Halloween! ;)


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good job, cute girl! i was giving my Freudian slip a test drive today and i may have to change my mind. i am being lured by a purple hat with green/black feathers and silk roses. too many choices in my silly closet. i love halloween!

I already told you my fontsy thoughts on twitter.

Just wanted to add, next year i vote everyone there dress in head to toe green, and be gang green.

I kill moi.

What a clever idea to dress up as different typefaces. Times would be an easy one to pull off. I think I'd opt for Mrs. Eaves or Attic.

Arial seems to be a mermaid. I vote for her. I vote for everyone.
And I share your shudders when it comes to Comic Sans.

Happy Halloween!!!!

You look beautiful:) Sherry's slips are fab!!
Have a Happy Halloween:)

The staff looks very festive...Love the mermaid outfit!


Love it!
Everyone looks SO Fabulous!
Sandra Evertson

Clever indeed! Have a wonderful Halloween, Jenny. Truth be told, I always just want Halloween to come and go so we can get to the really good holidays!

I've enjoyed getting caught up on your blog. Always fun to come here and see your posts!


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