October 15, 2009


What I learned from working at Wienerschnitzel in Bakersfield, California.


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Hi ,,, I have enjoyed your blog :) Ahh Bakersfield. Reminds me of my childhood. I was named after a street in Lamont. LOL
Happy Creating,

My husband is laying in bed right now and he can hear me BUSTING UP... tears running down my face.
I know I've heard that story before (& other juicy ones about men masturbating in the corner booth), but it was fun to hear it now that you ARE a mother! And I especially love that you're passing on your sense of humor to Monica!

All I can say is to repeat a line from the film 'Castaway':


We lived there for several years and two of my four children were born there. They lie and tell people they were born in Beverly Hills instead. ;0)

Ok, you two are SO DANG FUNNY!

My very first job was at der Wienrschnitzel in
San Jose (1974) My friends and I all worked there.
The dorky little hats weren't bad enough,
we also had to sing THE SONG!

Sing it with me now...
Yum yum yum yum, der Wienerscnitzel
Come to der Wienerschnitzel
The hots dogs are delicious
There's fun in every bite
Come to der Wienerscnitzel
Yum Yum, Hot Dog!

hehe! I adore you.

You crack me up. {and you brought back some memories today ... I am 43 years young and I totally remember my parents taking me and our family to DerWeinerschnitzel when I was a kid. what a hoot!}

Funny, what makes an impact on us;
I have seen so much, lived in sooo
many places, moved 17x's in the past 24 yrs. It is crazy what will
provoke a parent to react or not.

Thanks for the smiles!

One thing I love about your blog is your personality. You are hysterical! Thanks for sharing awesome crafts and your adorable personality!

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