November 29, 2009


Question: What is your advice for people who want to create a successful blog about art and creativity?



1. First and foremost, you have to be authentic. Who are you? And what is it that you're trying to say? If you find these two questions hard to answer, chances are, your blog isn't going to be easy (or interesting) to read. I find myself gravitating toward blogs that exude confidence and authenticity. And don't you think it's the same in real life? It's people who present words without pretenses and ideas without inhibitions that capture my attention.


2. Second, an artistic and creative blogger is one who posts great photos and posts often. There are of course other types of blogs (e.g., literary blogs, political blogs, etc.) where readers are looking for words over images. But for the creative blogging community, a picture is worth a thousand words. Not only that, creative bloggers upload images with the kind of technical skill that will get the images looking gorgeous and unified. For example, my blog is hosted by Typepad and in order for all of my photos to look congruent, I make sure that when I load a photo, I use the custom setting at 400 pixels each and every time. This ensures that each photo will take up the same width throughout each and every one of my posts. (Of course technical preferences vary from blogger to blogger.) The other component of loading great photos is the ability to take great photos. The images I take are with my Canon 30D SLR, which produces some great shots. But there are plenty of point-and-shoot cameras that also yield great photos. I think the most important thing is to be thoughtful about lighting and composition and also to crop the photos well before posting.


3. A quality blogger is not a whining blogger. This is not to say that tough subjects are off limits. I think tough subjects can be pondered and discussed but in a productive, thoughtful, intellectually profound, and classy manner. Trust me ... just like in real life, no one wants to hang for too long with folks who choose to dwell in the self-absorbed "woe is me" aspect of life. And so it goes with quality blogging.


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Thank you for your thoughts about blogging. As I was reading your post, I was thinking if my blog had what you mentioned and I sure do hope so.. I hope that people enjoy my posts and my pictures. I love your posts, but don't respond, but thought I should today.

I love your blog (and of course, all the Somerset magazines). I'm starting a blog and appreciate your advice - keep it real, post frequently, take good pictures and post them often and no whining! I'd add one more - a favorite family saying from Dr. Seuss - no "I'm Yertle the turtle, oh, marvelous me".

I agree with almost all you have pointed out. As someone who has very little time to blog these days, I'm drawn to sites where the author seems down to earth and without pretense and of course has something unique to share.
I only have a difference of opinion regarding posting often. I am a full time working mom of one and barely have the time to post myself.I'd gladly read one sweet post to bunches of trivial ones littered with eye candy. I think that's just a reflection of me as I get older..I prefer sincerity even if in smaller doses once in awhile.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the blog world~I learn something whenever I visit here or read my AB:)

Thank you, Jenny for your inssights into the wonderful world of blogging. As a "newbie" blogger I'm always on the look out for suggestions and examples to help make my blog interesting and fresh and... ME! I appreciate your work with Somerset and particularily the "Artful Blogger" as it has been my catalyst in developing my own blog and visiting others.
Lord Bless you!

Jenny -- I don't see a 'contact me' op here but I really REALLY wanted to send you some fabulous links. Artist is Patty Van Dorin ... these are assemblage dolls she's been making, oh my GAWD! I've seen wonderful things in all your publications -- these absolutely could find a home in any of them!



AMEN and thank you jenny for sharing...you & i are so on the same page! i thank God for you!

Great post...so well said.

Insightful and glorious list. That list sums it up for me and I could not have said it better. Thank goodness, though, for Artful Blogging to go past the simplicity and how it shows us the actual medium of the mind. Sacre Joie are Stampington's creations. Blessings dear Jenny and all the Muses there at work.

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