January 21, 2010



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That's really funny! In all honesty, we just want to be told our stuff is great, don't we? When our work is being judged we become highly defensive. That's why so many artists and writers are afraid to put their stuff out there--for fear it's not really as great as we think it is. Ugh!

If you could only hear the sound of my laughter!!!


LOL!! I so love your humor. I've been on both ends of this topic - you 2 nailed it. :-)


This. Is. Awesome.

I laughed at not only the constructive criticism debate but, oh, mommy-power... :)

Wow, powerful message! I loved the way, you two played it to the hilt!

Taking a sensitive subject and making it funny...now that's talent. Thanks for showing the humorous side of it.

I think I should show that to my Mother!!!! excellent ladies....... made me smile. Monica is a good sport Jenny. Ciao

You two are SO funny! Thanks for making me smile AND for thinking twice about asking for constructive criticism!!! LOL!!

Oh! This was just to good. :)

Laughing Out Loud...and assuming some people have occasionally freaked out if you, as editor of a major publication, have implied that they, submission authors, need to spiff up their writing if they wish to see their work in print or in daylight. :)Dang, I'll bet my commas are all in the wrong place.
You are funny Jenny Doh! Your daughter is adorable too.

Okay... I'm busting up!!

The "milieu" comment was dang funny.

These videos are classic! I'm so glad that you're taking the time to do fun stuff like this with Monica.

You're a rad mom!

And, of course, as always... I miss you & wish I could be there to laugh with you.


Your daughter is so wonderful; I love these twosome videos. "Go to your room", indeed. LOL

this was too funny!

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