January 29, 2010


Q: Who created the totally hot ART SAVES logo? 

A: None other than the amazing Michelle Ward.


Q: Will CRESCENDOh offer something with the ART SAVES logo on it for sale?

A: Yup. First of all, we'll be screening the logo onto canvas squares just like you see above, and selling the screened panels plain and simple ... panels that you can transform into an art quilt, appliqué onto a denim jacket, incorporate into an art journal, or paint, distress, and alter ... we encourage you to engage your muse to use the panels to transform into anything you can think of ... and we encourage you to share your creations with us that we will feature on this blog in future posts.


Q: Will you sell anything else that has the ART SAVES logo on it?

A: Yup. Our CRESCENDOh design team, led by Cynthia Shaffer, has created this totally hot tote that is like no other tote you own. Super roomy with a too cute polka dot ruffle and quilted ART SAVES logo on the front ... 

... the back has two roomy pockets to keep knitting needles, paintbrushes, and all other essentials safely tucked ... with just a splash of red ribbon. 

The logo will also be made available on tees that will be for sale. And whether you buy the canvas panel, the tote or the tee, 100 percent of proceeds of all ART SAVES merchandise will be donated to CRESCENDOh's Charities of Choice.

Q: Who are CRESCENDOh's Charities of Choice?

A: The first Charity of Choice is Life Through Art Foundation, as you can read about here. The other two will officially be announced in the days ahead on this blog. 

Q: So if you give everything to charity, is everything in your shop for charity? Are you a non-profit organization?

A: CRESCENDOh is a FOR-PROFIT LLC with a tremendous commitment to giving back. Focused compassion is one of the cornerstone values that guides our overall mission for our company. The ART SAVES merchandise gives back 100 percent but our other non-ART SAVES merchandise like the beautiful reversible velvet bag you saw here, and some other really exciting art kits and licensed merchandise from very talented artists will be sold with 2 percent of proceeds going back to charity.

CRESCENDOh, LLC ... creative passion • authentic community • focused compassion

All together now ... How Cool is That?!


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Like Everything You Do, Jennie - YES - Totally Cool!

what a great idea for the logo! i can see that on a little tote or down the side of a pair of my jeans, on a jacket... hmmm, lots of ideas!

Absolutely Darling!
The Polka Dots are PERFECT :-)

Very cool! And very practical! Just perfect! Well done Jenny (and Michelle!)

BRILLIANT!! All for it!!

(*Joining In*) SO COOL! Lovely all the way around.

I've had a ball following your adventures at the show and suspected the brilliant and beautiful Michelle Ward created that fantabulous logo...nobody does it better! That tote is TO DIE FOR! And the kits! EVERYTHING, including the spirit behind this wonderful new venture is as cool as it gets. BRAVO!! xox

Hello Jenny,

it's been a while since I passed by ( harddisk down and lost all my bookmarks...)
I read your reports on CHA and saw all the photos. You met quite a bunch of people over there !
It seems a lot of them I will see back on crescendo.com.
It makes me curious what this site all have to offer.
I love the logo Michelle made , I love that Michelle made it :)

I completely agree that art saves : it's my energygiver and moments for meditation...

I would love such a logo too to incorporate in my art and to wear a bag of my own.

greetings from Belgium

I hope the merchandise will be able for International groupies????? The bag looks really awesome.... you have great people on your team. You go girl...... cant wait for it all to start. Ciao

Wow Jenny! I'm amazed at all the photos you so diligently posted, and all the wonderful, familiar faces at CHA. So great to see you and you're right, keep working and taking each step to the next goal!


Love it Jenny! Good luck with your new team:)

Lots of ideas for your logo...can't wait to purchase it and add it in a framed version for my office. I often use art with my clients. I too am an artist and a social worker who works as a therapist. When is it available? It was fun to see your pictures at CHA

Jenny - so fun to see all your photos at CHA with everyone holding the Art Saves sign. I felt like I was there with you *grin*. The bag Cynthia created is very hip...love it!

Congratulations Jenny! What a wonderful idea! Where will we beable to purchase them?

yup that's really cool designed stuff. I like it.

very pretty work. I love it.

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