February 25, 2010


So I've given you some sneak peeks of rubber stamps that we are releasing with Danita and Pam Garrison. Now it's time to give you a sneak peek of pretty dresses that have been designed by YOURS TRULY, into rubber stamps. The cards shown here uses these dress stamps with some truly versatile background stamps that have been designed by Cynthia Shaffer. 

Stamp samples3 003re

Dresses stamped onto white cardstock and embossed in black ...

Stamp samples3 008re
Showered with watercolors ...

Stamp samples3 012
And composed with sheet music and other papers that have been washed with white gesso ...

Stamp samples3 016 

Along with other elements like crocheted flowers, sticks, and stitched beads.

Stamp samples3 020
Pretty, don't you think? You'll be able to find these rubber stamps on CRESCENDOh.com on March 1st! Many thanks to Cynthia Shaffer for creating these beautiful cards. We are proud to announce that Cynthia will be part of CRESCENDOh's Design Team, along with none other than Rachel Emilie Jackson, Lisa Guerin, Olivia Thomas, and brand new friend and artist, Tracy Schultz. You'll be seeing regular works by this tremendously talented team on CRESCENDOh, as they inspire you to discover diverse styles and endless potential in our kits, rubber stamps, and more.

Happy creating. :)



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Oh how lovely! All of this teasing with all of these goodies...I hope that the shop can handle all of the traffic you are bound to get on Monday. :) I'm so excited!!

Love the dresses! They make for really cute stamps and would be even cuter as 'real' dresses! They look like something I would wear.


Lovely cards. I can't wait for the openning of CRESCENDOh...looks like you will have amazing stamps, inspiration (truly awesome design team!) and other products, not to mention the community you are building.

Hi, Jenny! I love these dresses! I just got through listening to you on Diva Craft Lounge and it was great! I hadn't known that you weren't going to be Somerset Studio's (my favorite magazine!) editor any more. I have been wanting to write to you to tell you how much I LOVE your letters from the editor. They have always been SO meaningful to me and I wanted to let you know how very much I have appreciated you great thoughts and writing and art in the magazine and will really miss you! Your new project sounds just wonderful and I can't wait to find out more about it! Thanks so much for all you do and have a terrific day!


I am loving the sweet dresses you have created,
and now you have inspired me to create something I have wanted to do for a long time now.
Create paper dolls!
I'm thinking they will need shoes and purses too.
Thank you for sharing.

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