March 25, 2010


Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and hosting Danita in my home. It was like meeting an old friend ... with so much history and so much mutual esteem.


She brought with her her dearest friends from her youth — Monica, Enrique, and Gabby.

IMG_6920 Lots of great conversations, lots of laughter, and lots of delicious food ...

The preparation and execution of this fine dinner was made possible with the help of my dear friends and colleagues, Tracy, Sarah, Juanita, and Cynthia.

In addition to all the fun visiting, we also had a chance to solidify some new ideas for CRESCENDOh. As you know, our launch party is May 21, 2010. The day after the party on May 22nd, our Design Team member Tracy Schultz will be hosting a walking tour of Old Town Orange, starting at the historic Country Roads Antique Store, leading to some really cool spots, and then back to Country Roads, where Danita and I will be there to meet everyone to sign copies of Where Women Create Book of Inspiration. (More details and flyers will follow about all of this.) 

After the book signing, CRESCENDOh will launch its new CRESCENDOh CREATES Workshop Series, with the first workshop being offered by Danita. She will teach how to create mixed-media art quilts (like the ones you see in the photo above). The class & dinner will be from 5:00 -11:00 PM in a wonderful studio space in Orange, that can accommodate up to 24 people. This will be a workshop that you can sign up for directly on our shop. (Look for it next week!)

See you at the party!


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YAY I WILL BE ABLE TO MEET DANITA! I've loved her from afar for too long. I will absolutely take her class! xoxo

So wish I lived closer....(sigh)

Are you thinking of every offering online workshops? I'd love to come take workshops in person, but with my children being so young . . . . it's just not
possible now. Think about it! PLEASE?????????????????

Jenny - I so love your blog - the wonderful mix of art, thoughts about life, and just plain fun!
To show my appreciation, I've given you the "I Love Your Blog" award over at my (new, fledglingly) blog:


Wow, how exciting to have workshops...ooo, if you could only do them virtually!

How wonderful and gracious to have Danita and friends over for friendship, food and fun~

Workshops sound great; I do agree, online would be
a huge hit!

Oh, how I wish I lived closer! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Danita's work!!!


Danita really has an own recognizable style and I like it a lot. It would be great to follow a workshop with her, but it is a bit too far from belgium...

Not thought about online workshops on Crescendoh yet ?...
I followed several with Suzi Blu and with Julie Pritchard and it's a joy to be able to learn online when distance makes it impossible to attend a unique workshop.

greetings from belgium

Go Danita! Yay! We're cheering for you! Have fun.

I'm in!! I love am so loving everything here and am happy to live close enough to do some "in person" stuff with everyone!!

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