April 13, 2010


Active listening and good eye contact go hand in hand.


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That was hilarious.
And I agree with you. You need to make eye contact when you are conversing. I have this problem with my husband. I have to keep nagging him "Look at me"..

You are way too cute! Loved that. So glad I found your blog.

hehe...this is a great point...how some people are just distracted so easily. I don't even know if they mean to do it...perhaps it's some natural fidgeting thing? haha... funny!

Teehee, Jenny you crack me up! That was fabulous and I will be sharing it with my 15 year old daughter who is usually doing 2 or 3 things at once and listening to me is a distant 4th. It seems that eye contact may be a skill some have to learn, where others of us just do it! Eye contact 101, maybe that should be a college course!? Thanks for the laughs, Donna

Oh how true!!!!

Perfect! When people do this to me, I just stop and change the subject back to them. It seems to be the only thing they want to talk about!

Fab example! I've posted this on my blog...
Thanks, Jenny and Monica! xo

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