April 21, 2010


The pharmacy closest to my home is this one. It's now called CVS but when my Andrew was a baby and my Monica a toddler, it was called Savon. Those were tough days. And it was in the parking lot of this pharmacy where I frequently found my way back home.

As I've shared before, motherhood was tough. I mean, though I had read all the books to prepare, there was no way to prepare for it, you know? I shed a lot of tears. 

My husband, Gerardo, was a young professional at that time. And he was so nice. He would rush home during his lunch hour and encourage me to go anywhere I wanted to for one full hour. And I remember crying, "But I don't know where to go!" But he encouraged me to just get in the car and drive. So I did. And you know where I went? I went to Savon. And I parked my car in the parking lot, and sat there listening to the radio. Sometimes I had my knitting with me. Other times, just a vanilla cone from McDonald's. It was the most delicious hour of the day. To be by myself. To gather my thoughts. To knit one or two or even ten rows. And to reassure myself that everything would be OK. 

Today, I pass by this lot all the time. And it symbolizes so much for me ... about how we all need time to ourselves. And that we need loved ones in our lives who understand that truth. Because once we have that time in the parking lot, after we gobble up the vanilla cone, after we knit some and purl some, after we belt out a song on the radio, we always find our way back home. And we know. Everything is OK.

I hope that Monica will find a partner who will rush home during the lunch hour so that she can go to Savon. And my prayer for Andrew is that he will grow up to be the kind of man who will rush home during the lunch hour to support his beloved.


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What a lovely post, Jenny. You made me remember back to my first months with my daughter and how I struggled sometimes, but made it through nonetheless...

what an awesome story. my husband is sweet and thoughtful like this. truly blessed.

I just love it when someone share such a personal story like you just did :) I'm a very visual person, so I can picture you out there in that parking lot sitting in the car, eating an ice cream or knitting or . . . *sigh*

This is a reminder that we all should take (at least) an hour out of each day that is just for ourselves.


Gerardo, Savon and your quiet time, saved your sanity!
It was so sweet of him to give you a break, it helped you cope, knowing you would have this block of time in the day to catch your breath, distract your mind,and tune into your thoughts. I enjoyed my children, but didn't have this option. My husband had shifts in the Navy and wasn't able to come home.
I did find ways to cope, with sketching, crocheting and long walks, with baby in tow. Baby would fall asleep and I had peaceful distractions, that nature provided.

My children are 7 1/2 yrs a part or I would of needed a Savon break. Doesn't savon mean soap in French...
Gerardo gave you a clean break to catch your breath and free your mind! Great man!

OMG Jenny, You are so right about the blessed shock of motherhood. Only for me, I didn't have the nice husband. Finally, my friend took pity on me and took my 2 year old son for an afternoon. Honestly, I just sat in the chair and stared; I couldn't decide what to do. The good old days, the bad old days.... I can't wait to meet you at Squam this spring!! My first Squam--yippee! Love, Suzen

How touching. I hope that all of our daughters will find someone that special.
Thanks for the sweet story.
Have a lovely day
Cari b.

As a baby Brook used to fall asleep in the car a lot. To make the most of this quiet time alone I kept a basket full of goodies such as snacks, water and magazines in the car. This way whenever Brook would fall asleep, I'd pull over into the nearest parking lot and break out my goodies to enjoy while she napped. It's amazing how refreshed I'd feel after taking one of these mini-breaks.

Even after the children are grown and I have retired I find I need time alone. I recently found myself sitting in the warmth of my car in the market parking lot, writing in my journal. It was totally needed.

Oh Jenny great post. Motherhood is a tough one. I remember taking my youngest for drives in the car to get him to sleep during the day. I still love driving through this same area and enjoying the peaceful feeling and remember him drifting off to sleep

Oh girl, that made me cry.

What a beautiful story, and so candid! It is hard to open up, so glad you did....makes us women stronger! I used to drive, just for the peacefulness....I didn't even know where I was going, I always came back refreshed.
Thanks for sharing
Hudson's Holidays

What a sweet story. It's great that your husband was so supportive. My husband did the same thing for my first. He sent me to Target! I'd just walk around for an hour.

Oh my gosh...I love this story. What other stories are attached to places we all pass by every single day without notice? So fascinating and beautiful.

I really love this post. Thank you for sharing this. I can relate to the overwhelming feelings of motherhood, and certainly to the treasure of an hour to myself. It does give so much meaning to a drug store parking lot. Thank you, Jenny!

This is so sweet. I'm holding back the tears. What a great husband!

I can completely relate...
My kids are now 10 and 4...and it is still a fresh memory...
It flies thought!

what a wonderful story of love and support....

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