May 28, 2010


CRESCENDOh was founded on a dream that had been percolating for several years. It is a dream that seeks to shout from the mountain top about how art can bring about the best in us. That art can help us cope, art can empower us to make a positive difference in the world ...

5-21-10, Art Saves (28)d
... the piece that Danita made says, "Art Saves. OK, now what?" And it's a piece that challenges us to start thinking about ways in which we can pay it forward. For us, "pay it forward" for our team, it is about using our creativity and our imagination and compassion to make a positive difference in the world. The difference can be as simple as smiling to our neighbor. Or it can be as complex as starting an organization that helps battered women. Or helps the people of Haiti. Or ... fill in the blank. But I do believe that for the world to become better, we will need to deploy not only our technical expertise and financial expertise, but really, our creative expertise and our imaginations, in small and large ways, to become better.


... the second piece that is in your goody bag is a postcard that features an original assemblage work by the late Janice Lowry. Janice Lowry was a mixed-media artist who created an amazing body of paintings, assemblages, and mixed-media art journals within her lifetime. It's a body of work that will, I believe, go down in history to mark Janice Lowry as one of the greatest American artists of our time.

Last year, days before she passed, as she fought and lost the battle with liver cancer, I had the opportunity  to ask her what message is it that she would like for the art community to hear from her and she said, "Jenny, tell them to always keep working and to enjoy the process." And so that's what it says on this card.

So I would say that I want to invite everyone in this room and beyond to heed Janice's call. To keep working, to keep creating, to keep building, to keep sharing your stories. Because in my opinion, stories are what build communities. And as we learn through these stories and through this community, we are in it together. And most of all as we are working, I hope we will elect to be kind, to be generous, and to be forgiving. And also as Janice said, to have fun and enjoy the process ...

{This is an excerpt of the remarks I had the privilege of giving at the CRESCENDOh launch party on May 21, 2010. Photo #1 courtesy of Lola Morales.}



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such a heartfelt message...thank you for sharing this.

What amazing words from Janice.
Thanks for sharing this with us through your post today. For those of us not lucky enough to be at the launch it is wonderful to share the experience

What a lovely tribute..and beautiful words to live by!!!

Thanks for sharing this. what a wonderful message for all!

I missed your launch party, but I'm glad that you shared a little bit of it on your blog. I agree, if Art Saves, then now what do we do with our talents and imagination? Thank you for reminding us to pay it forward!

this message really touches my soul.Janice is still teaching and guiding us thru you..I will keep working and enjoy the process....this is my pledge to myself.

Heart Hugs,

Thank you for sharing this Jenny. What a wonderful tribute and Janice's words really brought a tear to my eye. Although she is gone her words are still "active" in the world and making a difference and that is a beautiful thing. I don't know much about "Cresendoh" but am excited for you and learning more.:) I truly believe in your mission and wish you all the best.xo

It is a wonderful tribute that Janice's message can live on, through you and your mission! It reminds us all to keep at it, share and be open. Art is life changing, it is a powerful message to spread! Enjoy the journey~

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