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August 23, 2010

Giveaway #10: The Journal by Squam Art Workshops + Lots of Goodies

It's finally here!

The Journal, Volume One, is an impressive new book created by the creative Squam Arts Workshops team and it's just as magical as the events themselves. You can read my complete review of the book here.

Squam Arts WorkshopsI'm excited to announce that in honor of The Journal, we will be having our Giveaway #10. From now until Saturday, August 28, 5:00 PM (PST), please leave evidence that you were here. One lucky winner will be selected to win a FREE copy of The Journal, plus the following items from Squam artists:

The beautiful Aestlight Shawl pattern by Gudrun Johnston ...

GudrunA lovely "lovely" burlap banner by Maya Donenfeld ...


A beautiful handmade bracelet by Charlotte Lyons ...


And the wildly popular embroidery sampler by Rebecca Ringquist. (NOTE: The photo shown here is of a sampler-in-progress. The sampler you receive will be a brand new one that you can embroider on.)

I join Gudrun, Maya, Charlotte, Rebecca and so many others in applauding the extraordinary Elizabeth MacCrellish for creating Squam Art Workshops for all of us. And I invite you to pick up your own copy of The Journal here, and consider attending a Squam Art Workshop in the future.

IMG_1457See you at Squam!


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I would be HONORED to win this! Thank you for the opportunity!

it is a dream of mine to attend the Squam Art Workshops - thank you for this generous giveaway.

Oh, my, such treasures! Thanks to all of you for your generosity.

Wow! I dream about going to Squam and playing with the "big" girls. Thanks for the opportunity to have a chance to read about it.

I was here! All beautiful!

How cool ! Here is my evidence - and gratitude for the opportunity ! Thank you ! Margaret C

i was here...love the artwork created at squam...thanks for the opportunity to enter and for this lovely website!!!

Thank you Jenny! That sampler is so great - gotta get that!

I was here!!

WOW! What a giveaway!

Ohhhhh this is a retreat that I've been wanting to go to, it really looks like it was and would be an amazing experience!

Squam keeps coming up in my travels in bloglandia. I sure would like to attend and would love to win that book!

I keep reading about all these amazing creative retreats! I think I need to go on one!

what an awesome give away Jenny. I'd love to be added to the list to win. The book and goodies look wonderful.

thanks for the opportunity to win some delicious prizes. great blog!

So many lovely things! I have been contemplating buying one of those samplers for awhile!!

Crafting by Candlelight

what a wonderful and generous give away - how exciting and such beautiful items - keeping my fingers crossed~!~

The book looks awesome.

I think it would be awesome to go to Squam. Thank you for the generous give-away! ~Karen

i came. i saw. i liked it so much i stayed too long. so i must run now. but i will be back often.

This giveaway is awesome! Thank you so much for the opportunity of winning the Journal from Squam Art Workshop and all of the beautiful goodies!

Wonderful giveaways! I'd love any of them. Hope to make it to Squam someday!

I just found your blog through a link on Suzi's Ning site and love it. I wish I could make it to a Squam but it's doubtful unless I somehow find a miracle babysitter. No one seems to want to watch 2 overly hyper little boys for some reason....

Thanks for a chance to win. :)

Ooh, count me in, may have to get my hands on a copy of that journal if I'm not the lucky one :) Looks amazing!

Beautiful book and Squam looks so fun!

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