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September 07, 2010

Street Team Crusade #44

Can you believe it's taken me this long to finally participate in my first Street Team Crusade? For Crusade #44, Michelle Ward challenges us to create backgrounds by scraping layers of paint. No brushes allowed!

So I started by applying a layer of white gesso onto a spread with a credit card ...

art journaling background Next, I took my favorite stencil and then ran a second color with a credit card.


I really loved the way it turned out.

art journaling background

I used a punchy pink on the opposite page and then followed up with a graphite pencil. So fun.

IMG_1697 OK. I'm sort of feeling like an art journaling rock star. Thanks, Michelle.


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that is very cool. i love those monthly challenges, but i can never remember to check them! :-)

you worked in your journal?
so glad you jumped in on this crusade.
great pages. love the outlines.
love the stencil from marybeth.
the turquoise looks like river rocks i could hop across.
*claps wildly*
thanks for playing!

mmm this turned out great!!1 Really like it too...like that stencil ...I can see why it is your favorite.

Love the look of this; How freeing and fun! YOU are a journal rock star ;-D

I love the colours and the stencil is great! Good job!

These are wonderful, Jenny! I haven't tried this technique with stencils yet, so your pieces are really a great catalyst for me!

That is a very sweet page, and the stencil truly is cool. Welcome to the street team Jenny, I hope you will cruise along with us more!

Take care!

Great scraping - love those circles!

This is my first month actually posting results! i've played before, but had yet to share my pages. i like what you've done w/the challenge - love the addition of the circle stencil. And on a side note, i love that your journal has brown kraft pages!

Cool design....love the open spaces and the colors. Also the pencil drawing - I would have never thought of it - thanks!!

That's a great stencil, I can see why it's a fav. I really like the effect you got with the graphite pencil. Rock away Jenny!

Love how the bubbles turned out ! Rocking Scraping there, Jenny !

ooo yeah... the white and turquoise blobs are uber cool!

Beautiful ! Love the stencil you used and how you finished with the pencil. Great job.

ooh!!! I like the simplicity of the page, yet the colors and composition are wonderful!!

cool !! There (dots) are just lovely .

Very cute. I like your stencil!

Love your colors and the stencil!

Love what you made, good to see you used gesso first. My mask stuck to the page, had to lift it very carefully.

Michelle posts the best challenges and I love the techniques she shares. Welcome to the crusades! I had so much fun with this technique that I'm finding it hard to stop! Swing by to see one of my latest paintings.

Welcome to the Crusades Jenny! I love your dots... and the fact that you started on brown paper gives it a natural basis beneath those sweet pastel colors. And BTW, you ARE a rock star! Happy creations from germany, tj

Your pages look great Jenny! I like they way you scraped through the stencil... must try that. I tried scraping over a mask and ended up with a mess I covered up, lol. This was my first Crusade also. Hooked yet?

That looks great and I love that stensil as well.

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