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December 01, 2010

Top 10 Funniest People of 2010

Although there are officially 30 more days left before the year is over, I thought I'd get a jump start and present my first annual Top 10 list of the people who in 2010 have made me laugh. Laugh hard and out loud. And to the point of having milk come out of my nose. Laughter ... more valuable than anything that money could buy ... the best gift I could ever receive. 

10. Gerardo Mouet and Andrew Mouet. My husband and son who have agreed to share one slot. Gerardo has cracked me up regularly throughout the year with his dry sense of humor. Sometimes he makes me laugh so hard that I fall to the ground. Andrew has made me roar with laughter with unusual facts that he memorizes and then recites at inappropriate times. 

Gerardo Mouet
9. Amy Hanna. This picture is from 2009 but I love showing it whenever I can. Amy is a funny girl who has this funny girl country girl voice that she uses as her eyes get really big. Gets me every time.

Amy Hanna
8. Priscilla Cerda. Met her at Kim Caldwell's Artistic Affaire who had me roaring with her comments about sweaty ... well ... you had to be there.

Priscilla Cerda
7. Sarah Meehan & Cynthia Shaffer. I would not be exaggerating to call Sarah a technical genius and Cynthia a creative genius. These are the two with whom I get to work every day as we find solutions to challenges big and small in all that we do. Throughout this past year, we've had the best time working together and cracking each other up about the profound ironies of life.

6. Linda Perez. My next door neighbor who gives me food when I run out. And who listens to me rant and rave about this or that as we eventually bust up laughing about how worked up we can get about the happenings on our street.

5. Dr. Shamanie Haneca. Met Sham at Brave Girls' Camp earlier this year and we hit it off right away. The second time we met, I let her beat me in arm wrestling. She's strong but not that strong.

Shamanie Haneca
4. Margie Romney-Aslett. Check us out the first time we officially met. It was at CHA at the beginning of the year. All professional and stuff, right? And then I got to know Margie much better at Brave Girls' Camp and ... OMG ... had me flippin' rolling on the ground ... can't wait to go into her booth this coming CHA to see if we can keep a straight face as we try to look all professional and stuff. (TM).

Margie Romney Aslett
3. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Met her at Squam Art Workshops. She was as funny in person as I had imagined her to be through her blog and books. She has written some mighty hilarious books which I continue to read over and over again when I need to laugh. Her best line: "I'd rather get a spinal tap than knit a gauge for my sweater." Amazing woman who totally understands the mind of the knitter.

Stephanie Pearl McPhee
2. Mike Hein. My pal from Bakersfield. He can get me rolling when we chat through Facebook. Late one night, during one of our FB chats, he was making me laugh so hard that I almost woke up my whole family. One of the smartest people I know. Just thinking about him and imagining his facial expressions cracks me up.

Mike Hein
1. Monica Mouet. I have to high five my daughter for knowing exactly the thing to say or do to make tears of laughter roll down my face. She has this uncanny abiltiy to develop fictional characters that are the most entertaining and funniest in the world. Nails it every time.

Monica Mouet
To all the rest who feel that they ought to have been on this list: I'm sorry. It was a highly competitive year. The fact that you're not on this list does not mean that you are not funny. I do hope you do not feel discouraged from continuing to try and make milk come out of my nose in 2011. Onward we go to lots more laughter in the coming year. ;)


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I will keep trying Jenny...I'll keep trying:-)

Don't feel bad. You were really really close ... especially with the snorting.

the cat is out of the bag!!!! jajajajajaja
luv ya jenny!!!

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