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December 17, 2010

Crocheted Rocks for Girls' Night Out

So last night was Girls' Night Out with my friends Pam, Amy, and Heather. Wanted to make a little something something for them to celebrate the holidays and so I decided to crochet them rocks, of course. After all, who doesn't want a crocheted rock these days?

crocheted rocks
I first gathered rocks and then crochted a cozy for each one using hemp yarn.

crocheted rocks
crocheted rocks
Once they were done, I felt they needed something ...

crocheted rocks
So I reached for my trusty red felt and made little hearts to place on top.

crocheted rocks
And rather than adhering the felt down, I decided to secure them in place with some Perle cotton in a contrasting color, with a little button, sheet music, and lace.

crocheted rocks
And then finally, they each got bundled up in a bit of muslin and more hemp yarn. So fun.

crocheted rocks

PS: So the night was really terrific. Well, almost. We enjoyed a great dinner and then indulged in some anthropologie therapie ... and then we all decided to to see a movie together. You know ... it's such a busy time of year so why not treat yourself, relax, and watch a great movie, right? We decided on The Tourist ... you know, the one with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. How can you go wrong with a movie that has those two in it, right? Well, the movie was SO bad that at a certain point, I thought for sure we had died and gone to movie hell. At a certain point, it got so bad that the four of us were busting up laughing ... absurd plot, melodramatic acting, and worst of all ... Johnny was not hot. It was LOL, OMG, and WTF all rolled into one.

No matter. Even with all this, we had a great time reconnecting and I had a good excuse to create some cute rocks for some great gals. Rock on. ;)


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Hilarious on the movie...Angelina is one of my favorites, but the past few movies...I don't know. And Johnny Depp - one of my favorites! Maybe they didn't have chemistry. Oh What a Beautiful idea with the Crochet Rocks, so inspiring - I LOVE them. See, if you were stranded on a remote island with rocks, a little bit of yarn & felt - Art would "save" the day! Anthropologie Therapie sounds like so much FUN. Happy Holidays Jenny!

I love the term "cozy" for the crocheted forms. Anthropology in Georgetown is the neatest place. Not just the clothes, but the artsy kitchen, bedroom, bath and every room in the house, items. All of this in an old 3 story house converted to a store!
Keep up the great work,

These wonderful little rocks are sooo adorable. You added some color with the heart felt...very nice touch. I love working with felt because there are so many ways you can create cute things! Would love to see your pattern for the crochet rock.

Well that is just such about the movie...will cross it off my list. He is "HOT" on Vanity Fairs cover though. lololol
Merry Christmas, Andra

Johnny was not hot?????
guess i'll take that off my to see list!

Love your sweet little gift- so clever.

So funny and sweet is this post! I love that cozy/rock combo! It is so great to come by here, I always laugh and feel at home. Won't let myself convince myself I should wait to savor it here for then, I wait too long and miss soo much. Ahh... well. I am in charge of my joy and your blog has always been a part of that. So I am getting back to what is real in the joy factor and prioritizing much. I think girlfriends help so much in this, if they are the right kind hee hee. I am so glad you have that with your gals and I know that with mine, too. I am thrilled each time how your blog puts my head in a great place for thinking. Hope you are joyous and have a wonderful night. Blessings.

What a great idea...now if I could only crochet? :) These are really cute, and what a thoughtful gift. So disappointed to hear about my fav actor..Johnny! Enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more! Have a beautiful and loving Christmas! xo..deb

OMG! I LOVE your little crocheted rocks! What a neat idea, now if only I could crochet! Happy Holidays to you!

Sorry to hear the movie didn't live up to the hype! Reminds me of a movie I saw, when young. It was terrible, but we as a group, bonded and still talk about it every once in awhile. You rocks are wonderful and so represent the rock solid relationships you have built.

We build our relationships like sand, gradual acts of kindness. Sand is made up of tiny pieces of rock, wonderful, sentimental gift solidifying your bond!
Love it~

love the rocks!

how bout instructions on how to create the cozy????
you rock!

I really love this idea with the rocks.

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