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January 25, 2011

Bento Love :: ZPizza & Mr. Pitts

Let's see what's in my Bento today ... a slice of pepperoni pizza all cut into little pieces, orange wedges, and carrots. Very tone-on-tone.

Jenny Doh
Cutting up the pizza reminded me of that episode on Seinfeld when Mr. Pitts' unusual habit of eating a Snickers bar with a knife and fork caused others to follow suit. So funny.

So we don't eat pizza very often but when we do, one of my favorite places to get pizza is Z Pizza. In fact, ZPizza is where The Mister and I had our very first date. (A date that I asked him out on!)
And now that Andrew and I are the only omnivores living in this house, it's a treat sometimes to be able to order half the pizza with meat. But here's a trick that helps me not overeat pizza or any other fatty and high caloric foods. Start first with a large piece of fruit. Kind of like a salad. So for me today, before eating my Bento, it's a whole large juicy orange to fill my tummy up.

Because trust me, when you see multiple slices of pizza, it may be tempting to eat the whole lot but if you do, you'll feel like crap afterward. But fill yourself up with good fruit beforehand to help limit yourself to one slice and you'll feel satisfied and smart.

Happy Bento. :)


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Satisfied n Smart; love this post~

Funny, I was teasing my beagle the other day, being silly, said
"Let's go out and see the blue rabbit", then logged onto Amazon and decided I wanted a Bento box, first one that I see is blue with a rabbit on it. Yes, I had to purchase it~

I always eat better, when I eat a variety of food; It makes the taste buds happy!

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