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January 04, 2011

The Farm Chicks Antiques Show in Spokane Washington

You may remember my talking to you about Serena Thompson here. She's an amazing talent who has among other things, developed a phenomenal event called The Farm Chicks Antiques Show that happens annually in Spokane, Washington. Yeah, the place that has lots of apples. :)

Farmchicks Well, I am super excited that this coming June, I'll be attending my very first Farm Chicks Show. Joining me at the event will be Ki Nassauer, and my pal Heather Bullard, of Flea Market Style magazine. I'll be on hand signing copies of a very special project that I had the honor of working with Serena on.

So what about you? What are you doing in June? I hope you'll consider joining me, Serena, Ki, Heather, more than 150 fabulous vendors and visitors from across the country who will be having some serious Farm Chicks fun.  See you in Spokane!


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Ooh, you'll be in my neck of the woods! If I'm in town, I'll see you there.

Oh, what fun! It will be my third year attending. I hope to see you at the show!

Happy New Year,

: )

Julie M.

hey sweets,
eeeekkk so fun
hope you are having a fab new year!

It is a very fun show..I was a customer for years and now it is my 3rd year as a vendor! I suggest saving up your spending money....there will be so many goodies there you will want way more than you thought. Each booth is a treasure! I sell french girly paper goods and home decor...plus I design patterns for all the holidays and home decor.
Oh yeah...make sure you have a sturdy shopping bag or small cart!

oooh, i am so excited!!!! i have wanted to go for the past couple of shows & never could, this will my very first trip to Spokane & June can not come quick enough!!!!

I've always wanted to go to one of her shows and I am thinking June is te perfect time for a summer trip to Spokane, WA.

Jenny, this will be an experience like no other for you!
The 'Farm Chicks Family' is a remarkable community that Serena (and former partner Teri) have built, and we are so blessed to be a part of it all. This will be our fourth year as vendors and we have grand plans for our RETREAT booth ;0)

I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet you!

Deb Kennedy

I'm looking forward to meeting you at Farm Chicks. This will be our fourth year as a vendor. The Farm Chicks show is like no other. Also, I just signed up for your Creative Fitness class and I'm loving it.

Kathy Walker

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