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January 19, 2011

You Say Bento, I Say Byun-Doh

Check out my lunch that I packed today in my brand new bento box. So cute, don't you think? It's interesting how everyone in the US pronounces it "bento" ... because when I was growing up in Korea, this is how my lunch was packed every day. And the way it is pronounced in Korea is more like "byun-doh."

Jenny Doh

My byun-doh was typically filled with rice, seaweed, some vegetables, and a bit of tofu or a bit of fish. It was a stainless steel byun-doh with a lid that didn't have fancy closure mechanisms like my new bento box and so many fancy boxes available these days.

My new bento box comes with a coordinating piece of fabric that is used to tie like this so that you can transport it. In Korea, I remember sometimes the women in my family who would stack many byun-doh boxes and tie it with a large scarf and then transport that food to wherever they were going to share the food that they had prepared.

I love the idea of bento/byun-doh boxes because it really elevates the process of packing a lunch. Who says you have to eat a sandwich every day? You can pack it with really anything you like, and make even the meager leftovers from the night before be eaten with great style.

Speaking of the night before, one of the true blessings in my life is being married to a man who delights in preparing amazing meals for our entire family. Check out these beautiful baby heirloom tomatoes that Gerardo brought home last night ...

And right before my eyes, he made it into this scrumptious salad ... with a bit leftover for my bento for today.

NOTE: Another benefit of packing bentos is that it gets us more mindful of the colors of the food that we are eating. This is an important concept that we talk about in Crafting Fitness ... are you eating greens, reds, purples and oranges throughout the day or are you just eating browns and beiges (i.e., burgers and fries) and blacks? (Blacks are what I categorize for things like ice cream, cake, cookies, deep-fried foods, sodas, etc.). PS: Ketchup is not red. Mint ice cream is not green. They are black. Wanna know more? Then join us in Crafting Fitness!

Happy bento. :)


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Just saw this on your blog, and I thought, hey, that looks just like the lunch boxes I packed for my sons all those years ago. If necessary, I even put a little ice pack in one section. Very efficient, no waste, and the other kids were always interested in what might show up. :)

I used to do this for the kids when they were little and they loved it! Jules used to take hers when we went for sushi together. I think I need to buy Larry one and start making him a lunchtime byun-doh box of love!

Cute Bento! I want one!
xx Liz

my husband and i had a sweet conversation sparked from this blog post. he told me little stories too about his childhood lunches in seoul.
is there a chance your husband could share the recipe? looks delicious.

It's so so pretty.
Like a gift to yourself.
A delicate little celebration.
The salad looks very good too.

Where did you get it?

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