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March 07, 2011

Paper Dresses :: Free Motion Stitching Art Quilt Tutorial DIY

Check out these four little dresses I stitched onto this new art quilt. So cute, right?

Jenny Doh

I started by cutting out little skirts with vintage wallpaper pieces from my stash. Once cut, I used spray adhesive to adhere the skirts onto drill cloth and then onto batting. What is drill cloth? I learned about it from Lisa Engelbrecht ... it's thicker than muslin, thinner than canvas, and oh-so-yummy. It reminds me of vanilla bean ice cream.

free motion quilting

Next, I took the layers to my machine, lowered my feed dogs, put my darning foot on, and stitched the skirts in place.

free motion stitching Once that was done, I used different colored threads to free motion stitch the bodices on each of the skirts. (You might want to practice drawing the bodices a few times on a piece of paper to get a feel for how you'll want to stitch them.)

free motion tutorial

Here are close-up shots ... Once the dresses were done, I stitched the words "mother," "daughter, "sister," "friend," and then framed the dresses by free motion stitching flowers and swirls around the edges.

free motion quilting tutorial

free motion stitching tutorial

free motion quilting

free motion stitching
free motion stitching
And there you have it. A super fun and easy paper dress art quilt.

Happy free motion quilting. :)


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those dresses are so cute! Love your stitching!

Love your art quilt Jenny, the stitching and paper dresses are so pretty! Thanks for the tutorial.

How adorable! I've never tried free motion quilting before... and I'm not sure if my feed dogs will lower... hmmm, I could hand stitch them!
Thanks for sharing!

L-O-V-E - love this! I need to learn free motion stitching! Jamie V in MT

So cute and cool, and modern yet vintage-feeling.

Adore, Love, So Sweet! Great idea.

Love it!

Hi there!
I was wondering if I could have permission to upload 1 picture from this blog post: http://blog.crescendoh.com/crescendo/2011/03/paper-dresses-free-motion-stitching-art-quilt-tutorial-diy.html

I made one extremely similar to it for my mum for Mother's Day. In the same post I'm writing about inspiration, idols, and giving credit where credit is due. I wanted to be able to show your original and how I interpreted it.

If that is not your policy to allow photograph use on other blogs (I looked for a statement on your blog but couldn't quickly find it),then I'll just link to it.




Lovely idea !

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